DomCon 2012

I had a great time last weekend at DomCon LA, held at the LAX Hilton. It’s a convention geared towards the pro domme scene, which I find intriguing, although I have to admit I’ve never visited a pro dominatrix. I suppose if I had crazy disposable income I probably would but, well, it’s probably not happening anytime soon. It is a fun event, though, and the kind of thing where you see people whom you might otherwise only see once or twice a year. On Friday night, I got to hang out with both Nina and Delilah and we had a fun time checking out the show floor. Dave from DK3 studios in San Diego took our picture and then later we literally hung out in the “birdcage” over at the Elegant Dungeons booth. Sonny helped us climb into the crazy thing, which was surprisingly relaxing and then he hoisted it up for a nice ride. With some padlocks on the cage you could easily be left there hanging for the night, though probably a ballgag and some handcuffs would be called for too. Later, for Delilah’s turn, Natashka from Las Vegas stopped by for a candid pose – don’t mess with Natashka! Later that night we got to shoot with Nina, who was looking super cute in a pink dress, pink heels, and blonde hair and who got nicely bound and gagged by Delilah, with me posing and looking serious nearby.

Another high point of the weekend was getting to shoot with Dixie Comet. I’ve been trying to get more special guest females on the site and I’m really excited about posting the upcoming scenes we shot with Dixie. She’s a terrific lady who has a lot of experience shooting bondage and has a real knack at improvising scenes for the video camera. She’s super-easy to work with, really cute, and a lot of fun. We shot two scenes with her, first with me convincing her to fake her kidnapping as a way of paying our gambling debts (bad idea, Dixie!) And then later she played a truly scary pro domme who’s nice and understanding and all business until she gets her naive client (me) tied up. Oops, a newbie’s worst nightmare.

As always, there were parties every night of the event and I was able to go to the Saturday one with Delilah. It was pretty good but nothing earth-shattering, which is often the case with these things. Quite often it’s the ol’ S&M party, for “Stand and Model.” There was some spectacular eye candy, though sadly they don’t usually allow cameras in dungeons. Sunday afternoon Delilah was able to get away again and we shot a couple solo scenes and hung out some more, a very productive and fun weekend. The next big event will be in August for FetishCon in Tampa. Better start shopping for some new outfits soon!


I went to Disneyland yesterday with friends and since I didn’t want any extra attention, I just went in boy mode. It’s been decades since my last visit, and to be honest I didn’t really expect much from it but ended up having a great time. The thing that really stands out (no surprise!) are the totally fabulous costumes of the women they hire to portray Alice and Mary Poppins and all the princesses milling about. I couldn’t stop staring, with that mixture of yearning and envy that is the lot of us crossdressers ;-) The tour guide outfits, in an English equestrian theme, are pretty fabulous too (I prefer the blue vest over the white blouse as opposed to the jacket!) Anyway, here are a few pictures that I found online, including one of Ryan Astamendi’s pictures of Disney princesses in real life. Another photographer, Dina Goldstein, has done some pictures of fallen princesses that are pretty hilarious. A fun day at the happiest place on earth!

Birthday Spankings at Club Fantasy

We had a nice Club Fantasy party last night in North Hollywood and it was my birthday so a couple friends brought a terrific chocolate cake (thanks Jessica and Steve!) Of course I had some birthday spankings so my butt is still a little sore today but all in all a very fun time. Delilah was there in her Domina Delilah mode and she brought a few crops along to dole out the punishment. Fun times, and the next one will be on Friday, June 1st. The next big event here in SoCal will be DomConLA coming up in a couple weeks. I’ll be shooting a few sets of pictures, I’m sure, and it should be a fun time!