Back to School Theme at the Next TEASE Party, Friday, Sept. 6th

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I just wanted to mention that the next TEASE Party here in N. Hollywood, California, is next Friday, Sept. 6th, at the Threshold clubhouse. Last year we did the same theme and it turned out to be the biggest party of the year, so I’m hoping we’ll have a nice turnout. If you’re in Southern California I invite you to stop by and visit. It’s a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere with none of the cattiness you can find at some of the bars and clubs. There will also be a free ticket giveaway around midnight for the best back to school outfit…Hope to see you there!

Pics from Donna and Heather’s Indiana Bondage Getaway

I had a great time at the Indiana bondage party back in April and when another one was scheduled for this month I finally decided – what the hell! – to do it again. Donna and Heather were very generous putting it together and I think everyone had a great time. The night before a few of us went to a drag show at a nice neighborhood gay bar in Indianapolis called Zonie’s Closet. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but some of the queens were spectacular. Later on Sunday we all drove down to the cabin where I was able to stay for two and a half days of bondage fun, with some good wine and chocolate in the evening. It was a great group of gurls, a little smaller than last time, about 9 or 10 of us. I’m hoping I can go back again maybe next year, and for anyone who’s in the area or who can travel to the Midwest, if you’re into dressing up and bondage you’ll have a fun time – highly recommended!

For the pictures below, there’s Tanya in a nice backward-facing chairtie rigged by Dana and being teased by me, then later me in my business suit tied tightly by Joy Turner, who’s later tied to a pole with her legs pointing up, Babs in a poletie in the garage, me being packaged for the evening, Dana encased in spandex and later in an extremely uncomfortable bent-over-arms-overhead poletie rigged by Heather, and finally Joy again suspended by some of the girls and then later put in a cruel hogtie by Aunt Sandra. Enjoy!

Introducing TS Ashley Washington

A while back I heard from a very pretty TS girl named Ashley and of course we got to talking about taking some pictures. Ashley was a lot of fun to hang out with and looked fantastic as a cute damsel in distress. We shot in this strange hotel which I really like in the suburbs of L.A. The rooms were huge and have this unique red color scheme, as though they’re a portal to hell. In this scene Ashley was a hapless girl who has a little too much to drink at the bar and finds herself lashed down to the metal frame of a rollaway bed. Always be careful when you’re out drinking and never take drinks from a stranger, especially if you don’t see them being poured, or this could happen to you…which some of you might like. ;-) The full set is up on the site. Hope you enjoy!