That Wig Again

Well, it can’t all be hiking around here, so here are a few more shots from a couple weeks ago with that new red wig. I’m also wearing that favorite brown skirt and a new blouse that I really like. It’s made from a very stretchy and clingy material and feels great to be in. The bondage shots from this set had some technical problems, so I’m not sure if I’ll post many of them, but the pre-bondage poses were fun and nicely lit.

Cactus to Clouds

Okay, it’s another non-kinky hiking post today, though probably the last one till next summer ;-)

I read about this insane “Cactus to Clouds” hike on Mt. San Jacinto in Palm Springs, CA, a couple years ago and I wondered if I’d ever be up to doing it. Basically you start on the desert floor in Palm Springs and climb up over 10,000 feet of elevation gain to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto, going from the desert to an alpine environment in one long day. This mothah is tough! The desert heat can be deadly so spring or fall are about the only times to safely attempt it (in winter the upper trails get dangerously icey). The trail is sketchy and easy to lose too, so I found a good group to go with – didn’t want to end up alone and lost in the desert!

One cool thing about Mt. San Jacinto is that there’s an Aerial Tramway at the 8000 foot level. So when you’re coming down, you just descend partway to the tram station and ride back down – covering in 12 minutes what took hours and hours to do on foot!

New Wig

A friend recently gave me a new wig with this “flip” action going on that I really like. So yesterday I had a fun shoot and wore it with a couple outfits. Here’s a quick preview. There’ll be some tight duct tape bondage with this red get up in the upcoming weeks. This Friday is also the Club Fantasy party in N. Hollywood, CA. I know what wig I’ll be wearing! Oh, and my good friend Delilah also did some cleaning out of her closets and gave me some clothes she hadn’t worn in a while. So I’ll be bringing some more things to give away at the party. Hope to see you there.

Fun Shoot with Domina Elle

I had a really fun shoot with the fabulous Domina Elle in Denver this summer and finally have the pictures up for this week’s update on the site. In the set, I show up rather cluelessly for an exam at her address and don’t have any idea what I’m getting into. Well, it involves an exam table with stirrups, rope and a leather gag. Here’s a preview of a few more shots from the full set. Thanks so much to the lovely Domina Elle, of course, and to Jodajen and Elle at Narcissistic Intentions, and to Goliath for the nice rigging, and to Wild Bill for generally helping out and being supportive. Enjoy!