Guest Blog from Sybil Minnelli! — Snowbound in Minnesota

(The other day my friend Sybil and I were emailing and she very graciously agreed to write up a blog post about her life in Minneapolis where that girl gets up so many adventures with her friend the lovely Jean Bardot. Sybil’s always great fun to shoot with and hang out with and I always look forward to seeing her when our paths cross, which usually happens at least once a year, it seems. Thanks so much, Sybil, for sharing and hope we’ll see that video you mentioned one of these days, ha ha! *Hugs*)

Hello everybody, I’m honored to do this guest blog for Sandra’s website! I am amazingly lucky to call Sandra my friend. Being a lover of crossdressing and bondage, I contacted her out of the blue a few years ago and asked if she would consider me for a shoot with TranniesinTrouble and we made arrangements to meet in Hollywood at the Renaissance Hotel (now the Loews, I think?). I had never really done a photo shoot before, so I was super nervous! (I had shot with Jean Bardot before, but it was really informal as we have been friends a long time.) Anyway, I felt at ease with Sandra right away and I really enjoyed the experience. Sandra made me look really, really good, like way better than I thought I could! She understands as well as anybody how to catch her subject’s best angles. Since then I have tried to shoot with Sandra on every trip I make to the L.A. area, and it has mostly worked out for us. (With all the snow we’ve had lately in Minnesota, I need to get to L.A. soon!) Sandra and I have also hung out at Fetish Con in Tampa; the more time I spend with Sandra, the more I like her :-)

Here in Minneapolis, I’m just as lucky to call Jean Bardot my friend. I got to know her when I was a stage manager for a burlesque show – she was one of the performers I managed! As Jean and I got to know each other better, we became friendly and I started helping her with her business in a number of ways. I help her with managing her schedule, booking gigs, negotiating deals, and if she needs somebody to tie up on camera, well hey, I can help with that too ;-)

Jean has introduced me to fun and kinky people all over the world and I cherish some of the relationships I have made because of her. This past weekend, one of our dear friends had a milestone birthday with a party in the L.A. area. Unfortunately, schedule demands were such that we couldn’t make it out there for the party… We thought about sending flowers, a gift or something along those lines, but it just didn’t seem right. And then it came to us – we needed to make a happy birthday video clip, duh!! So I wrote up a quick script, ran it by Jean, and to nobody’s surprise, it would start with Jean saying Happy Birthday with a tied and gagged tranny gurl by her side. She would remove the gag long enough for me to say happy bday and then put it back in so I could take a spanking on behalf of the birthday girl. Before starting the video, Jean used leather suspension cuffs on my wrists to pull my hands above my head, and while she was doing that, I was saying, “Okay, don’t forget to *do this* and *say that*…” but as soon as she cranked my hands up with the winch, making me helpless, she grabbed the ball gag and said, “I don’t think I need any more help with this!” And she strapped the gag in really tight, so I just sat there waiting for her to do whatever she wanted after that. Then she cuffed my feet together and started the video rolling. I have included a few screen captures from the video to illustrate! Once the video was complete, Jean gagged me again and treated me to a little scene before she let me go and got that on video too… I’m not sure I’m ready to share that just yet, though!

Well if you’re still reading at this point, thanks very much for listening and I hope you have enjoyed it! I need to stop now before this gets completely out of control, but if you want to hear any more stories, thoughts, scene reports from Minneapolis, (or whatever!) please leave a comment or mention something to Sandra and I’ll happily write up another entry! Until next time…Happy tranny trails!

Xoxo, Sybil

Grayson Perry Receives High Honor

I missed this last month but an online UK friend wrote with the news of crossdressing artist and potter Grayson Perry being awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Of course Perry showed up dressed and looking fabulous in a dark blue dress and hat. What an amazing person. I know my gender reference here isn’t politically correct but I love this guy!

TGirl Nights Long Beach

For years I’ve meant to head down to Long Beach for the TGirl Nights put on by Jamie Jameson at Hamburger Mary’s, but with the schedule of the old TEASE parties and how they used to be on Fridays I never had enough oomph left over the next night to head down there (So glad we’ve switched TEASE to Saturdays!) So finally last night my friend Kim and I got made up and headed down the SoCal freeways to Long Beach. We got to hang out again with Cici Kitten and our new friend Fierce and we had a great time. Actually two weekends out clubbing in a row is very rare for me but it was fun and Jamie’s party has a huge turnout. If you’re into clubs full of trannies this is definitely one to check out and I’m sure we’ll be back again. They also do it on Tuesday nights for a karaoke party earlier in the evening and dancing later.