Back to L.A. on Friday

Well, the last two months have flown by and now I’m hitting the road Friday to head back to L.A. I feel kind of sad about it, as it’s been a really great time here in Denver on my “working vacation.” I’ll post this week’s update most likely on Thursday, since internet access will be spotty for a couple days.

Last night I also had a fun shoot with my new friend Domina Elle, in her dungeon. We had a really good photographer and hopefully I’ll have some sample pictures in a couple weeks from him. I’ve met some really nice people while I’ve been in Denver, and I believe I hit all the main bdsm dungeons in town. The place I went to the most though was BJ’s Carousel, which I really enjoy. My friend K. and I went there last Sunday for a terrific drag show that they were putting on as a charity event. The performers were all very good, and some of them were simply stunning. I’ll miss that place and will have to come back. If I were rich (or heck, just making a lot more), I’d spend half the year here in Colorado from now on.

Up the Peak Again

I know most everyone who reads this blog wants to see trannies and bondage, not mountain vistas, but hey, I love hiking up Pikes Peak. This was my third year in a row with my good friend J. and we had a perfect day last Friday, with few clouds and no rain. The funny thing is that you hike along for 13 miles and feel like you’re going to die from the altitude, and then you get to the top and there are about a hundred people milling around from the train that runs to the summit, and you go in the station and buy doughnuts and hot chocolate. The return trip is nice, except for the last six miles or so when you’re so tired that you just want it to end – please! But it was a fabulous day.

Holiday Weekend

I had a delightful time with my best friend K. down in the Springs. We’ve been having a lot of rain here so we didn’t venture out for fireworks until Sunday, the 5th, where they were putting on a show up in the mountains. It was fabulous. The symphony was there playing music and they had a couple howitzers to fire during the 1812 Overture, which were perfectly synchronized.

Earlier in the weekend we went out to Club Q, Colorado Springs’ only gay bar (I believe) and saw their Friday night drag show. I just went in guy mode myself and the drag queens put on a nice show, with varying degrees of talent. Some of the girls were really attractive and energetic and really belted it out. I’ve heard of Club Q for several years, so it was nice to see it. The gay bar in the Springs used to be the old Hide ‘N Seek Club, and there have been rumors that they were “forced” out of business by overly strict interpretation of building and fire codes. But who knows? It was a nice place and for years that was the only club in town if you wanted to dress and go out, so it’s nice to see that there’s a new one.

Synecdoche – We also saw the movie “Synecdoche, New York” on DVD and it was excellent, though very very sad. It’s another mindfuck movie from Charlie Kaufman, who wrote the screenplays for “Being John Malkovich” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” It’s even more of the same, with a very complicated plot about a theater director who tries to capture all of life’s experience in his massive new production. It twists and turns and folds in on itself, with actors playing real characters, including one who stands in for himself. Anyway, it’s very hard to describe but incredibly imaginative and worth seeing if you like that sort of thing – but not something to see if you’re feeling emotionally fragile. It really is so very sad. There’s more about it and the trailer, which is very good, on this page.

Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend here in the States. Keep those dogs inside! (I know back in L.A., with all the fireworks in the neighborhood, the hounds just go crazy).

I’m heading down the road to my old hometown of Colorado Springs tomorrow and will spend the weekend there, so I’ll probably post this week’s update a little earlier on the site. I always love this holiday, with the hotdogs and parades and music. It’s not hip but it always takes me back to the past in a good way. Have fun!