Hotel Shoots

So I’ve been planning some hotel shoots with some new models for the website, shooting in the next couple months. One of my least favorite things to do is to show up dressed (in a more “regular” everyday kind of outfit) at a hotel and walk up to the frontdesk to check in. I’ve only done it a few times and have never had any trouble but it’s always one of those “take a deep breath and let’s do this” kind of moments. People always say, “Oh, but you pass so well.” But believe me, I don’t. If there is any doubt, it certainly vanishes the minute I open my mouth. Or when I pull out my drivers license. But some things have to be done so you do them. And usually there’s a great feeling of relaxation once I’m safely in the room and realize that no rioting ensued ;-)

Things like that always make me nervous though, similar to how I’ll often consider what I would do if I were stopped by the police while driving around dressed (just be respectful and as honest as possible and pray not to be arrested) and how I almost always carry back-up male clothes and makeup remover in the trunk when I go out, just in case. Only once did my car ever break down and ironically enough it was on Halloween, so when the AAA guy showed up it was no big deal at all. And I was wearing sort of a domme outfit, so he just looked at me and got to work changing the tire. Anyway, just the average worries of being an out and about crossdresser.

Where’s fall? (Some Random Thoughts)

It’s been a hot summer in the San Fernando Valley, and I keep waiting for those cool fall days. That’s one thing I really miss about Colorado; they do have real seasons there unlike the consistently sunny and sometimes really hot weather of L.A. But hey, I’m only complaining a little. I do have some good shoots coming up soon in October that I’m really looking forward to, including shooting again with Sybil, who’ll be in town, and very likely getting to shoot with Sissy Paige (from the Yahoo Group). Really looking forward to seeing both gurls and some others too!

The Master – So over the weekend my friend Kim and I (in guy mode) went down to the old Hollywood Cinerama Dome theater to see the new movie by Paul Thomas Anderson, “The Master,” which was a little puzzling though I enjoyed it a lot. There’s nothing really kinky in it but there are a couple erotically-charged scenes that caught my eye (Amy Adams, for example, would be a great domme!) I also felt like a bit of a perv watching the scenes with crazy Joaquin Phoenix and his very young penpal / flame, played by Madisen Beaty (who I think is like 17 years old in real life). Not a lot happens but she’s shockingly pretty and fresh in that girl-next-door kind of way and there’s so much sexual tension between them (the picture here isn’t that great but she really stands out in the movie). This one will almost certainly be noticed at the Oscars next year. If you like this kind of “auteur cinema” you’ll love it (or scratch your head).

Some Other Celebrities – So while I’m on the subject here are a few other female celebrities, more on the mature side, whom I also like. Kyra Sedgwick and Mary McDonnell from, respectively, The Closer and Major Crimes definitely have that domme thing going on. And I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus (formerly from Seinfeld) could have it, though in Veep she seems a little too scattered and unsure of herself. Then, of course, there’s always Sarah Palin, who just looks amazing in this black suit. And finally, although Gwyneth doesn’t seem particularly domme-ly, she sure looks great in this black coat and sleek hair (and hey, it’s Joaquin Phoenix again!)

Back in L.A.

I got back to L.A. on Monday, Labor Day, after a really nice visit in Denver. I stayed with my brother and sister in law, who tried to inflict some of their favorite science fiction shows on me, but I was having none of that. Hey, I like Sci-Fi just fine but I’ve never been a fanatic, as are they. It would be like me trying to make them watch the Insex documentary, which I wouldn’t even think of doing. (Well, maybe not really like that, but you get the point.)

I also saw quite a few friends – AmberKatt, Gena, and down in Colorado Springs, Daenna, and my hiking buddy J. This year we didn’t make it to the top of Pikes Peak, because my friend was having some altitude issues, but it was still nice being in the mountains for a few hours. So all in all it was a nice time with a slight bittersweet feeling to some of it, with that sense that there’s really no going back home. I could see myself living in Colorado again at some point but it’s pretty unlikely that it would happen in the years immediately ahead. So now it’s back to work with four more months left in the year of the dragon – can’t believe it goes so fast.

Also, the TEASE back-to-school theme party is tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 7th. I’ll be there for sure! Hope you can make it if you’re in SoCal…