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So I’ve been planning some hotel shoots with some new models for the website, shooting in the next couple months. One of my least favorite things to do is to show up dressed (in a more “regular” everyday kind of outfit) at a hotel and walk up to the frontdesk to check in. I’ve only done it a few times and have never had any trouble but it’s always one of those “take a deep breath and let’s do this” kind of moments. People always say, “Oh, but you pass so well.” But believe me, I don’t. If there is any doubt, it certainly vanishes the minute I open my mouth. Or when I pull out my drivers license. But some things have to be done so you do them. And usually there’s a great feeling of relaxation once I’m safely in the room and realize that no rioting ensued ;-)

Things like that always make me nervous though, similar to how I’ll often consider what I would do if I were stopped by the police while driving around dressed (just be respectful and as honest as possible and pray not to be arrested) and how I almost always carry back-up male clothes and makeup remover in the trunk when I go out, just in case. Only once did my car ever break down and ironically enough it was on Halloween, so when the AAA guy showed up it was no big deal at all. And I was wearing sort of a domme outfit, so he just looked at me and got to work changing the tire. Anyway, just the average worries of being an out and about crossdresser.

6 thoughts on “Hotel Shoots”

  1. I have to admit, it is sort of refreshing to know that you of all people get nervous when going out dressed. You are very beautiful, to me you easily pass and from video’s I have seen, your voice seem feminine as well. I can only hope to pass like you do and hopefully gain your courage to go out more.

  2. Thanks so much, Kathryn! Yes, I still get the nerves after all these years and I kind of envy those girls who breeze around and never get nervous. I have a few friends like that who just love being out in public. Although I do that too, it’s never been one of my favorite things, funny how that is…

  3. Hotels have as they say, “seen it all” so I think it is not all that surprising to most places especially LA. Someplace like Salt Lake City might view it differently.

  4. I agree, PF! Usually if I’m arriving dressed I’ll also try to spring for a somewhat nicer place rather than the corner by-the-hour room for rent.

  5. You’re still one up on me Sandra. I always get nervous renting a hotel room for a few hours. I feel like I have “pervert” written all over my face when I come up to the front desk… :(

  6. I hear you, Andre! I’ve gotten a little better over the years but definitely used to feel like a total perv every time I checked in. Thankfully it’s gotten a little easier over time, always helps if the person at the desk is friendly and helpful…

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