Hotel Follow Up

So the shoot yesterday was a lot of fun, shooting with a pretty young model named Nikki; I’ll probably be posting the full set of her pics here later next week where she plays a pro domme with a strong submissive side who ends up bound and cleave gagged with a pair of panties shoved in her mouth to quiet her.

Checking into the hotel went great too! I showed up already dressed and was a few minutes before the 3:00 PM check in time. Since they were still cleaning the rooms the nice lady at the counter gave me a free upgrade to one of their penthouse rooms, something I wasn’t expecting at all. So we were in the lap of luxury and later after Nikki left I hung out for a while watching a rerun of “House” (I seem to only watch TV regularly when I’m in hotels for some reason) and then got to sleep in the super-comfortable king-size bed. Not so bad for earlier feeling nervous about the whole thing; nice when things work out.

6 thoughts on “Hotel Follow Up”

  1. Sandra…would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall in that room!…and I doubt you should ever be nervous when out and about….lotta jealous girls lookin at those legs!…best on the net!!!

  2. I hope you wore those panties first Sandra. That is the only kind that should be used in a captive’s pretty mouth.

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