Welcome to California!

It turned out to be a fun, if sometimes lonely, three-day drive back to L.A. I usually enjoy being on long road trips like that and having that feeling of being “between” places, as though life is on hold for a time. My only bad judgment was in waiting to get gas in Needles, CA, right before crossing the Mojave desert. The gas prices were Yikes! Should have fueled up in Arizona, but so it goes. The rest of the trip was fine and I got in early to my friend’s place in L.A. yesterday. It’ll just be a few days here getting unpacked and settled in and then back to work – and back to some good parties! I’m sure I’ll be going to Threshold quite a bit, probably the Femme Fatale party this Friday, and definitely the next Club Fantasy party next week. It’s good to be back in SoCal!

“Up Here, I’m Already Gone”

What a week it’s been getting ready for the move. My place has been a mess with boxes scattered around, and although I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff there still seems to be way more than I would have liked. Oh, well, it takes a lot of stuff to be a crossdresser…I’m picking up the truck on Saturday, loading up, and then hitting the road on Sunday. I’m planning to take it slow and be in Los Angeles in about three days and hopefully it’ll be dry when I get there. (It is the rainy season this time of year, so we shall see.) I’m hoping I can tweet a couple times while on the road, but it’ll all depend on whether I can get online with my laptop.

Although the last week and a half has been very stressful, it’s also been nice in that I’ve been able to see all my friends and family here one more time before leaving. I’m sure I’ll be back to visit though.

It’s funny – I really didn’t expect to live in L.A. again after my last move. I’ll just quote a guy named Evan Nass who said, “Remember that no one comes back from LA, she’s a seductress, she’s a who-ore.”

See you on the west coast…

Packing Up

I’ve been packing and slowly getting rid of some of my furniture and things before heading out to L.A. at the end of the month. While going through my stuff I came across some old calendars from the late 90s / early 00s (my calendars are something I do always hold onto, as I have a bit of a sometimes-bad habit of reflecting on the past). Looking through them I could really get a sense of how lost and adrift I often felt back in those days. At that time I still didn’t really know what to do about being a crossdresser and had only made some tentative steps to start dressing more seriously. For work I was doing a lot of set construction for TV commercials and conventions (in Colorado). Life really wasn’t awful but it felt aimless and unfocused and I was pretty unhappy. And I really had no idea what I’d be up against when I finally made my first move to Los Angeles in 2001. Those first few years in L.A., in comparison, made drifting along in Colorado Springs seem like a good time.

I can’t believe it’s been eleven years now since that first move. Although moving always requires a period of adjustment, this upcoming one shouldn’t be anywhere near as difficult as that first one, especially since I now know so many people in L.A. and will be staying with a good friend. It’s going to be an interesting year, in any case, whatever happens. I’d better get back to work here for now but I’ll try to post something else before I hit the road in about ten days (barring any big snowstorms!)

Email – Oh, and I apologize to anyone to whom I owe an email. I’ve been really bad keeping on top of things while dealing with the move and I’m sure things will remain the same for a while…

Back in Denver

I’ve been back in Denver for several days now and am starting to pack for my upcoming move back to Los Angeles. Wow, packing is never fun but I am planning to travel light and get rid of some of my stuff since I’ll be staying in a nicely furnished house. The emotions of moving can be tricky too. I feel very excited about this move but sometimes the sadness of leaving Colorado, which really does feel like home, will just hit me and I have to take some deep breaths. I know I’ll be back many more times, and like I said earlier, I could even see living in Colorado again. But still, anytime you pick up and go somewhere, even when it’s a very positive move, there’s always a certain loss that goes with it. We choose one path, which closes off other paths that could be just as promising. I suppose I’m having a touch of the post-holiday blues today too. December is one of my favorite times of the year and I almost always droop a little when January hits. But on we go until we’re back here at the next end-of-the-year once again!