Thanksgiving 2020

Well, it was a quiet Thanksgiving for me here in Southern California but it was perfectly fine. I usually don’t see my family anyway till New Year’s so I often spend Thanksgiving on my own, and this year it was pretty inevitable with the Covid situation (since my roommate was out). I did talk to a friend recently and she told me she had just hopped on a plane and was now hanging out with friends in another state. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a mild germ phobe, so going to an airport and standing in line among a bunch of strangers is about the last thing I’d want to do. Being in the plane is maybe less worrisome due to the good air filters they apparently use but it’s all that coming and going before and after that would freak me out. But I didn’t give my friend a hard time; it’s her decision and she felt perfectly safe.

I did do a zoom call with my family (of course I arranged for that to happen early before getting into Sandra mode!) and then later after dressing I made a small meal and caught up on some movies. I saw “Midsommar” on Amazon Prime, which turned out to be so creepy and disturbing that I’m not sure it was the best choice, though it is good if you like horror. The same director also made “Hereditary” with Toni Collette, and you can really see the similarities, especially that feeling of slowly growing dread – fun stuff for the holidays! ;-)

An online friend also sent me a copy of “The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” which has a nice scene with the lead, Claire Foy, sealed up by her sister in a full-body latex sleepsack – the scene is maybe not played up to the same degree that fetishists and bondage fans like ourselves would like to see but it’s still pretty hot. By that point I’d had one too many glasses of wine so I was getting a little foggy on the plot anyway. All in all though it was not a bad way to spend the day, dressing and relaxing, and I’ve done much worse. We’ll see where we’re at next year.

So for everyone here in the States I hope you also had a nice Thanksgiving, however you spent it, whether online or face to face. And for everyone, stay safe and be well! Hugs, Sandra