Your Fantasies for Real

I recently posted a fun poll over on Twitter, asking if you would engage in your favorite and most intense bondage / sexual fantasy, but only if it were to happen the way it would in real life if, for example, you were really kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery. The responses were interesting. Of course, I figured that “Hell yes!” would be the most popular response since not everyone has fantasies that could lead to trauma or death! My fantasies are pretty intense so my vote was, “Not sure, hmm.”

One of my favorite fantasies, which I’ve written about before, is the idea of have my car break down out in the countryside and being “helped” by a tow truck guy who just happens to find me fully dressed and waiting all alone after nightfall. Of course, after giving me a tow and a ride in his cab, he ends up zip-tying me, gagging me with a huge wad of panties stuffed in my mouth and tight rolls of duct tape and then takes me back to his compound to be his new plaything, bound and locked up in his basement on a dirty mattress. It’s hot, but would I really want to experience that for real? Yeah, I’d probably regret it if it were the real thing!

I have an older CD friend, Kelly, whom I’ve mentioned before – we get together to hang out and watch old movies, and she told me about a date that became way more real than she’d ever expected. (And she gave me permission to share this story.) She used to love to get dressed up and meet men for dates at her apartment, and over the years she had some good ones, including a few guys with some basic bondage skills. One of the guys she got together with was not the nicest person in the world, but she found it hot to meet up with him. Although he wasn’t a natural bondage person, he enjoyed it and became fairly skilled at tying inescapable bondage.

The story takes a more intense turn when one night they got together, with my friend getting pretty drunk before they started to play. Her date tied her up good and tight, used her both orally and anally, I believe, and then gagged her with a tight cloth gag made from a pair of panties wrapped up in the leg of a pantyhose. Then once she was completely bound and gagged and he had had his fun, that’s when he left her for good. My friend couldn’t believe it but there she was, having just been sexually used, and now tightly bound and gagged, drunk and abandoned. Obviously, she was terrified but in her inebriated state couldn’t do much of anything. Apparently after struggling for a while, she passed out on the sofa, still tied up and helpless. It wasn’t till the next morning that Kelly was able to drag herself into the kitchen, find a knife and slowly work at cutting herself out of her bondage, which she finally did.

I always find the story incredibly hot, and in hindsight she does too, though at the time she was scared out of her wits. It’s the kind of story where you have to ask: would you do it for real if you had the chance? Except for the anal stuff, which really isn’t my thing, I’d be very tempted to say yes, though again it’s the kind of scene that I would probably regret! Still, it’s SO hot!

Another favorite of mine, which I often roleplay in my videos is the fantasy of being robbed and tied up by a wicked woman in a motel. Star Nine of course has played this role numerous times in our videos and in a recent one she was especially nasty and cruel, pretending to be a lady how’s lived a hard life and who couldn’t care less about my wellbeing. Would I want to do it for real? Hmm, not sure, though again it would be so tempting, especially if I were really turned on when making the decision!

So how about you? Are your fantasies so intense that you would have to hesitate and consider the risks or would it be “Let’s go!” and to hell with the consequences?

Staying with Tranny (For Now)

As I wrote earlier this year, I’ve been considering for a while whether to change the name of my website due to the controversy over the word tranny. This blog post is probably anticlimactic, but at this point I’ve decided to put the decision on hold and just stick with Trannies In Trouble. It’s a good name and I’ve gotten a lot of feedback. I’m still leaving open the option to change it at a later date if, for example, some major controversy over the word were to arise, or if I started getting lots of email from people saying, “Sandra, c’mon, you gotta change that name!” But neither of those things are happening.

As an aside, I have to acknowledge that this whole question of whether to change the name or not is something that obviously worries me more than it does anyone else, as I’m the one who would have to make it happen. I can imagine someone reading this and thinking, “Sandra, give it a rest, none of us who like your site give a hoot about the controversy and we all like the name, or at least are neutral about it. Stop worrying!” I’ll admit, it is a little crazy-making the amount of mental energy I’ve expended considering the whole question. But if I’d known twenty years ago just how controversial the T-word would become I probably would have chosen a different name.

Two opinions though that I especially valued came from two younger trans models whom I’ve worked with. Both of them said they like the word tranny and have no problem with it or with the name of my website. They’re at least thirty years younger than me and have transitioned and are taking hormones – they’re exactly the kind of younger trans women whom I worry may be offended by the name. One of them also said (and I’m paraphrasing), that she doesn’t like the gatekeeping and policing of language and behavior that one often finds in the trans community. For me, one hypothetical question I often ask is, if someone wasn’t telling you that the word tranny was objectionable, would you find it offensive on your own? A number of people have in fact written me saying, “I didn’t even realize that there was any controversy over the word!”

Another thing that also influenced me but in a backhanded way is the fact that the word tranny is considered hate speech on Facebook. It’s one thing not to like the word, or to judge it as problematic, but labelling it as hate speech just seems like the kind of all or nothing thinking that doesn’t allow any consideration of context or of intent. According to Facebook, I guess the word is just bad – bad in all cases – a position that lacks subtlety or nuance. There’s no acknowledgement that some of us identify with this same apparently taboo word. Anyone who visits my website can easily see that I’m using the word in a humorous and tongue-in-cheek manner. Facebook’s inflexible stance I actually find counterproductive. It just makes me say, “Now, wait a minute.” I’m just not so easily convinced.

My sense is that attitudes against the T-word may actually be starting to shift, as I’ve heard from quite a few people who also object to the policing and “gatekeeping” of the word. But then, this may just be wishful thinking on my part. Maybe.

Many other people also wrote me saying that they’ve been following my site for years and many said they like the word or just don’t think it’s that big a deal. And several pointed out that the name of my site is a brand that’s been around for years and that there’s really no pressing need to change it.

I do own a few good back-up dot com domains that I could use, (TGirl Trouble, TGirls In Trouble, Binding Transactions) but again, with the feedback I’ve received, I think I’m just going to put the issue on hold again (believe me, I’ve been thinking about this question for years now!) Besides, while the back-up names are pretty good, Trannies In Trouble is probably the best name I could ever possibly dream up. Plus, the technical issues involved in rebranding and changing the site would be significant. Maybe next year I’ll feel differently, maybe not. In the meantime, barring any unforeseens, the site will be continuing on as it has for twenty years now. So that’s where I’m at at this moment. Maybe things will change, but in the meantime this tranny owes a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and feedback!