Four Minutes Movie Ad

I saw this ad for the German movie “Four Minutes” in the paper the other day. It looks like the movie might actually be quite good, though I wouldn’t expect much in the way of bondage titillation. It looks like there may be some medical restraints and handcuffs involved, as it apparently takes place in a women’s prison. Very nice movie poster though.

Bondage Death in the News

I got a recent group email from Jay Wiseman, with another awful bondage death in the news involving accidental asphyxiation.

This one involves a woman in Tennessee who tied up her husband and did what sounds like a very heavy gag with a ballgag and ace bandage. Apparently detectives are also pursuing an angle that she was also seeing another man, and the dead man’s sister is suggesting that she planned to kill her brother to get him out of the way. Here’s another article from a tv news channel with their pictures.

Amateur Porn Star Killer 2

It appears Shane Ryan has been busy at work and is already out with a follow up to last year’s disturbing Amateur Porn Star Killer. (I wrote a review of it here.)

I heard from Chad at, who’s once again doing a ticket giveaway for the midnight screenings April 25th and 26th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 for Fangoria‚Äôs Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles (just scroll down on the above link for details). I’m not sure if I can make it to this one, but the first film was very disturbing and thought provoking, so it should be a memorable and squirm-inducing night.

APSK2 on Alter Ego Cinema

APSK2 Trailer on YouTube

Portraits from W.

A very talented artist who wrote me a while back recently sent me some awesome drawings that he’s done of Vivian Chen, Dominoe Lane and me. He graciously agreed to let me post them on my blog here. They’re really terrific, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else he does in the future. Thanks so much, W!

Kinkster Hike Success

We just finished up the Kinkster Hike a few hours ago and I had a really fun time. We had a decent turnout in the morning and had a good hike up to the Griffith Park Observatory and then a really nice lunch at the cafe, with several other people meeting us there. There was a lot of good conversation and people seemed to be having a good time hanging out and enjoying the view. It was a pretty hot day, so maybe planning this event earlier in the year might have been better, but several of us braved the heat in the afternoon and went the rest of the way up Mount Hollywood. I think all together some of us hiked about 5 miles. I love that feeling of being tired out and sore afterwards, with the endorphins flowing and that beautiful sense of well-being. I’m not sure if this will become an annual or semi-annual thing but it might, depending on the feedback I hear. We shall see. In any case, it was great for me, as I’ve wanted to do a group hike like this for years.

Kidnapped Article – Portland Mercury

Here’s an interesting article I recently came across about a young woman who had a guy kidnap her for her own curiosity and for a feature article in the Portland news. The funny thing is how she says that after a while the real experience never came close to the fear and anticipation leading up to it. But that opening paragraph is pretty sexy with the tape and nylon sleeping bag and difficulty breathing. I also like those pictures they took (just wish they were larger). ;-)

It makes me wonder, though: has anyone out there reading this blog used Craigslist to arrange their own kidnapping, or had any similar experience like this? I’ve heard of the services that arrange a professional kidnapping for a fee. Maybe I should start a new business in California and get rich, although I’d really just rather be the kidnappee myself…

Alternative Sexuality Survey

(I just wanted to repost this from the Trannies Yahoo Group):

I have a friend in the L.A. area who’s teaching a human sexuality
class, and she has a survey she’s doing to collect data for the class.
If you have a moment and can fill it out, I know it would help her out
a lot.

It’s completely confidential and no identifying information will be
asked for. The completed surveys will only be used in the context of
the class and will not be reposted or circulated afterwards. Thanks
for helping her out if you can!

The link is at the bottom of this website…

John Malkovich Bathing

Continuing the homoerotic theme, I heard about this weird video on Newsweek, with the actor being interviewed and getting a spongebath with another guy, Craig Bierko, in a bathtub. I don’t know what to say.

Okay, I’m just making up for all the lack of blogging in March. Hey, it comes in spurts (okay, that sounds bad).

Pregnant FTM

I just heard about this amazing story in The Advocate while listening to Dan Savage’s podcast. He says it’ll blow your mind, and indeed it does. A trans man who was born female and is now legally male, is pregnant and keeping his male identity. Wow! The world is an amazing place. I think it’s pretty neat actually, as he’s totally twisting around our expectations of what’s possible. Not surprisingly, he and his wife, who years earlier had to have a hysterectomy, have had a hell of a time finding doctors who are willing to work with them on their unique situation. Five months into the pregnancy their baby girl is healthy and developing without complications.

MySpace Profile – Gone!

Well, it looks like my MySpace profile hath disappeared – very strange. I was really busy for a few days and couldn’t log in much and when I got back – nothing. It is mildly frustrating, though not enough to lose any sleep over. I sometimes hear people say that they’re being censored or discriminated against when their profiles get deleted, but I don’t like to jump to conclusions. Who really knows why a profile disappears? All we can really say is that one day it was there and the next day it wasn’t. For all I know it could just as easily be a server glitch that vaporized it, or some especially active sunspots. Who knows?

I’ll probably make another profile at some point, though honestly I never liked MySpace that much because it’s so painfully slow. Sometimes I would click on a picture or a link to someone’s profile and the site would just churn away for a couple minutes before showing up. Of all the networking sites I’ve been on it has to be about the slowest. So taking a break from the thing is actually sort of welcome. In any case, if you’re on MySpace and sent me an email or a friend request it’s lost in the vapors somewhere.

Kinkster Hike Coming up Soon – Saturday, April 12th

Just a quick reminder that the Kinkster Hike is coming up soon on Saturday, April 12th, in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. It’s free and open to everyone, and I’ve been hearing from quite a few friends who are planning to attend. Invites have also been posted with lots of the local bdsm groups in SoCal. So it should be a good turnout and a fun time. Hope to see you there!

KinksterHike website

Captivity – a Truly Bad Movie

It took me a while but I finally got around to seeing that movie “Captivity” on DVD. It’s the one that caused all the stir last year around this time with the creepy billboards.

I have to say that it’s about one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Stunningly bad. The actress is beautiful and it has good Hollywood production values in terms of lighting and photography and sound, but it’s such a stinker. I didn’t find a single moment of tension or fear or excitement in the whole thing. It was actually boring, which is strange for a movie that’s supposed to be a thriller. There were some nasty scenes of Elisha Cuthbert being forced to endure various unpleasantries – one involving a blender and some body parts is really gross, but it was all done in such a rote manner that I found myself repeatedly hitting the fast forward. At the end there’s a ridiculous “avenging angel” sequence where the former hunted becomes the hunter but it just feels like it was tacked on as a routine paint-by-numbers thriller sequence.

What’s really hard to figure out is that this thing was actually directed by the guy who made “The Killing Fields,” which is such a hard-hitting and humane picture. I have no idea how Roland Joffe got involved in this piece of drek. It’s a real head-scratcher.

Oh, and from my own twisted perspective, I of course have to mention that there’s no real bondage in the movie worth even looking at. There are some leather restraints used on a dental chair but I didn’t find anything sexy about any of it. Actually, the twisted billboard images and the DVD box art (with the actress looking out through a chain link fence with a tear running down her cheek), are way better than the actual movie. Definitely not recommended.