End of the Year in Atlanta

So once again I’m spending a couple days visiting my parents in Atlanta for the end of the year. Every time I blog about these visits it’s the same thing – nice to see them as they’re both old and dealing with lots of health problems and also rather discouraging since there’s a certain amount of denial of the future and of reality, especially regarding my mother who lives in her own little world (a very common story). But it’s the right thing to do to be here with them so here I am. As always, movies provide some good distractions and I’m really looking forward to a nice glass of wine tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve – hope everyone has a fun night with friends and family or whomever you’re spending it with…And here’s wishing all the best for 2013!

A Year in Van Nuys

When I moved back to Los Angeles from Denver last January I wasn’t sure if I was making the right move but I knew I had to give it a try. I originally left L.A. in 2010 because I was really just sick of the stress and congestion of the city. Granted, my last living situation was not that good, living in a bad neighborhood in Hollywood, so after eight years of that it was pretty easy to leave for the peace and quiet of Colorado. But when this chance to come back and live in the Valley came along it just made sense. I love and miss Colorado but for what I’m doing right now it’s probably better to be here in Southern California. And thankfully the move turned out to be surprisingly easy. I jettisoned a lot of my old belongings and within a few weeks it felt like it was back to normal. It’s strange; I really had expected the 2010’s to be my “Colorado years” – Funny how things turn out.

Of course, now I’m a little shocked that we’re already heading into 2013, but I feel optimistic about it. The upcoming ten-year anniversary of the website is exciting and I fully intend to keep the site going for a good long time, but still it’s tough to imagine what things will look like another ten years into the future (assuming I’m still around, which I’m certainly planning to be.) But when I look back in ten-year chunks at the past decades and see how different each one has been it just shows that making an accurate predication about the future is really a long shot. It just seems there are always those unforeseens. Plans turn out differently, we’re certain of a relationship that suddenly ends, we think we’re on a clear path and it turns sharply. So although I’m an optimist, I’m also something of a reluctant optimist for I have too much awareness of how things inevitably change and, sadly, decay – the unavoidable truth of time marching onward and all that comes with that – things I think about way more than I should.

But it’s been an interesting year. I love being back in L.A. even though it can still be a royal pain in the ass to live in this city. My end-of-the-year musings always wind up turning a little (or a lot) melancholy so I’ll just wrap this up here. In any case, here’s wishing all the best to everyone in the new year, and of course lots more bondage fun and games for everyone in the year, and years, ahead…

Once again, the inevitable Los Abandoned…

Ten Year Anniversary Giveaways!

Just a quick update that Grace TV won the ballgag here – congratulations, Grace! And thanks to everyone who left a comment – I was floored by all the nice thoughts and congratulations! Stay tuned for another giveaway coming up in January – Happy Holidays!

It amazes me that coming up in late March it will be the ten-year anniversary of Trannies In Trouble! When I opened the site during the very same week that the war in Iraq began, I had no idea that I could even run a bondage website or that there would ever be that much interest in it. I’ve met so many terrific people along the way and I really hope to keep it going many more years!

In any case, to mark the big anniversary, I wanted to do a few giveaways between now and March 23rd, the exact ten-year date of the website. For this first one I’ll be giving away a brand-new never-been-worn neck-strap ballgag from Hottbonds, one of my favorite sites for bondage gear (and real nice people too!) I love this style of ballgag, since the extra straps hold it firmly in place with no chance of pushing the ball out; you Really feel gagged wearing this baby!

To enter to win it’s really easy. Just leave a comment below. It doesn’t have to be much, just a hello or whatever you’d like (nothing nasty or spammy, please) and you’ll have to enter your email address. Unfortunately, to avoid any appearance of favoritism, I’ll have to exclude from the contest any people whom I’ve shot with or worked with before on the website – hey, if Delilah or Sybil won I’d never hear the end of it! ;-) Then around the middle of December I’ll use random.org to select one of the comments and I’ll email that person to get their address, and will send it off to them, postage paid. That’s it! You don’t have to be a member of the paysite or buy anything, though if anyone wants to sign up I certainly won’t object! But it won’t affect anyone’s chances of winning one way or the other.

I love doing these things and if only ten people leave comments you’ll have very good odds of winning! Thanks for reading this and checking out the site and Happy Holidays!

Oh, and here’s the ballgag below…and speaking of Sybil, here she is modeling the same style of ballgag, tightly strapped into her mouth by the lovely Jean Bardot!