Last Week’s Webcam

I finally got around to these pictures from last Wednesday’s webcam session with Bettie Cho. I have much more of a sadistic side than I ever realized and playing with a masochist like Bettie makes me even worse. I love doing layers when applying a gag, as you can see here, building it up to the point where the subject starts to really worry about her situation. That feeling of maybe being in over one’s head can be such a rush.

Fun Rope Bondage Workshop

It’s been a busy few days here, and the monthly rope bondage workshop was just this afternoon. I had a really nice time with it. Last month I felt like my energy was off, but this one seemed to go pretty well and there was a lot of tying going on during the hands-on session.

Afterwards a bunch of us went to Twain’s again for dinner. It was equally nice but their air conditioner is really weak, and in the San Fernando Valley, AC is a must. (I was reading about temperatures of 119 yesterday in nearby Woodland Hills – freaky).

I usually dress when I do the workshop – just casual, jeans and a tight top – and often go out for dinner afterwards. I always notice the busboy there giving me the eye when I go, and it’s the same guy every time. I’m always tempted to nicely say, “I see you’re curious. Would you like to ask me any questions?”

Rope Bondage Workshop for July

It’s time again for the monthly bondage workshop in North Hollywood. I’m looking forward to it and hoping the weather doesn’t melt me walking from the car to the building carrying a big bag of rope. Stop by and say hi, and do some tying or get tied up.

Rope Bondage Workshop at HollywoodLand Studios

Sunday July 23, 2006
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Hollywoodland Studios
11300 Hartland St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Open to all interested members of the BDSM Community. Join Sandra to
learn the basics as well as some new tricks! $5 for Threshold
members and affiliates, $10 for non members, proceeds going
to Threshold.

It’s Hot Out

I recently saw that Al Gore movie on global warning, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and found it quite disturbing. If that movie is even partly true, we are so screwed as a species. I have a friend who thinks it’s just a political move for Al Gore to score points for a future run at being president. Perhaps. The whole global warming thing is obviously a controversial subject, but I’m a bit of a fatalist so it kind of appeals to me.

Then yesterday as I was flying home I noticed all the fires raging out around San Bernardino. Looking out the window from the plane, I could see huge billows of white and orange smoke. It was both beautiful and creepy. I’ve often thought that the human creature will most likely eventually become extinct, whether it’s next year or thousands or millions of years in the future. Global warming, nuclear annihilation, a stray asteroid, who knows? But extinction happens to so many other species, why would we be spared? Especially since we’re so good at screwing things up.

Current mood: a bit dark.

Weird Return

Well, I’ve been out of town for a week, but am finally back in Los Angeles. I had a great visit back in my hometown of Colorado Springs, and am glad to be back but also a little sad saying goodbye to friends.

But what a weird day it was coming back. I was at the airport this morning going through security and the guy checking IDs “ma’am-ed” me. And I wasn’t even dressed – I was in guy mode! I walked away thinking, “What just happened?” On the one hand it’s kind of cool to be mistaken for a women, but on the other hand, being paranoid, I’m not sure if that’s what it was. I was thinking, “Is this guy just giving me shit?” Perhaps he saw a slightly femmey looking guy and wanted to insult me, similar to calling a guy “fag” or something. Wow, that just got my head all twisted around. I’m probably just being paranoid, but “ma’am” is such an old-fashioned kind of word, with possibly negative connotations – kind of like calling a woman “old bag.” My passport photo does perhaps look a little androgynous, so maybe he really did think I was a woman. I don’t know. I’m probably over-thinking this whole thing.

But later it got even weirder. The flight was fine, and I was walking along the sidewalk, just a few blocks home from the metro station. A guy and two girls, they were probably about 18 or 19, were just ahead of me. I pass them with my carry-on bag in hand and as I’m moving ahead, I hear one of the girls say something to one of her friends and then say the word “faggot.” Again, I have a moment of, “Uh, what’s going on here?” I figured I’d just keep walking and ignore them. Maybe I heard wrong or something. I keep walking and then after a moment I realize the guy has moved up right behind me on my left side, so close that he’s nearly touching, and he seems to be mimicking the way I walk. I stop walking and say, “What do you want?” He mutters something and kind of shrugs and just keeps going. I just stand there in shock as he continues on, followed by the two girls, who each make what seems to be rather hostile eye contact as they pass by.

I was thoroughly rattled by all this. I felt enraged and wanted to see them physically suffer, preferably with me administering the suffering. But I certainly didn’t want to provoke some 19-year-old kid into taking a swing at me. I watched them in shock for a while and then just let them walk off ahead. Fucking weird and a real bummer of a way to come home. Welcome to L.A.

Being Here and Away

With the holiday week here in the States it looks like I’m going to be away from the computer, at least in terms of blogging, for a few days. Everything else will be business as usual more or less, but it’ll probably be a little quiet here on this page for a bit.

Bettie Part Deux

I couldn’t wait to check out some of the webcam clips from the other night with Bettie Cho. So I posted an early update in the Members’ Area with three clips edited down from the footage. Altogether it’s about 30 minutes. I still have hours more to wade through, but I really liked the energy and interaction on these and wanted to get some of them up for viewing.

I’m currently planning to do the next webcam show sometime during the week of the 16th, most likely mid-week. As usual I’ll post the final time and date once we get closer. I’m already looking forward to it.

L.A. Summer Evening

I had dinner tonight with a (non-kinky) friend at a little Thai-Chinese place that I like on Vermont. I was driving home through Hollywood going down Sunset and had one of those great L.A. moments. The sun had just gone down and the palm trees and buildings up ahead were in semi-silhouette and on the radio was some track from that new Paul Simon album. Sometimes this city can be a royal pain in the ass but at moments like this it’s beautiful and feels so full of promise, at least until the moment passes. Then I went by a pharmacy and noticed a guy out beside the building taking a pee on the wall.