It’s Hot Out

I recently saw that Al Gore movie on global warning, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and found it quite disturbing. If that movie is even partly true, we are so screwed as a species. I have a friend who thinks it’s just a political move for Al Gore to score points for a future run at being president. Perhaps. The whole global warming thing is obviously a controversial subject, but I’m a bit of a fatalist so it kind of appeals to me.

Then yesterday as I was flying home I noticed all the fires raging out around San Bernardino. Looking out the window from the plane, I could see huge billows of white and orange smoke. It was both beautiful and creepy. I’ve often thought that the human creature will most likely eventually become extinct, whether it’s next year or thousands or millions of years in the future. Global warming, nuclear annihilation, a stray asteroid, who knows? But extinction happens to so many other species, why would we be spared? Especially since we’re so good at screwing things up.

Current mood: a bit dark.

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