Custom Videos

Just last month I shot two custom videos and had a lot of fun with them. In the past I never really did them very often because I wasn’t confident I could pull off the customer’s vision properly and give them what they wanted. But during the pandemic I started doing more of them when I felt like I could pull it off.

One of my favorites is the recent video with Klintelle Moore interviewing a potential new tutor for her college studies. Klintelle has shot quite a few hardcore videos and she’s always game to shoot the racy stuff, plus she’s a great actress and fun and easy to hang out with. The storyline was quite involved, and it turned out to be a long epic shoot but Klintelle stuck with it like a pro. I think it turned out really sexy, and very dark and twisted, and the emails I’ve gotten have all given it a thumbs up.

Klintelle also appears in another custom shot last year which will probably be on the site in a month or two. In that one she plays a naive trans girl who fails to pay off her student loans and gets a visit from officer Sandra. Both of the videos with Klintelle are pretty racy and end with her orgasming onscreen, which is a first for T’s in Trouble.

Custom videos usually cost $150 if it’s a storyline that I feel I can pull off with the group of models that I work with and then use later on my site – I usually wait three months before I post it for everyone to see (although the last customer very generously didn’t mind if I posted it early). If it’s a concept that wouldn’t fit in on the site, well, then of course it would cost much much more.

But if you have an idea that you’d like me to consider, feel free to write me directly and I’ll give you my honest opinion as to whether I feel I can make it happen. If it’s having a girl grabbed off the streets of downtown L.A. and taken away in a van to a hidden cabin in the mountains where a group of cultists tie and abuse the poor gurl and then suspend her by her wrists over a boiling cauldren – well, it’s probably not gonna happen! But even if I don’t feel I can pull it off, I always love to hear ideas for inspiration for new videos. Sometimes I like something so much that I end up shooting parts of it even if I don’t feel I can make the entire storyline work. Feel free to write though if you have an idea you’d like to see, or even if you have a storyline you’d just like to suggest, custom or not – my email here.

Rocky Horror

After that last blog post I did indeed go back and rewatch “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and absolutely loved it – been quite a few years. For those of us of a certain age who grew up crossdressing there was the inevitable question: “Do I go see that movie or not?” I only saw it one time as a teenager, going with my brother to see it at the midnight movies in our ol’ hometown of Colorado Springs. It was just too threatening to sit there and play it cool and hope that no one would realize that, “OMG, that kid sitting there in the audience is a crossdresser – that’s the reason he’s here!”

It’s ridiculous in retrospect but that was probably close to what I was thinking. The movie just hit way too close to home. The funny thing is that I didn’t find anyone in it particularly attractive, though Susan Sarandon is very cute. But the crossdressing itself was so over the top and everyone had hairy armpits so I can’t say I was the least bit turned on by the spectacle. At the time it was fun enough and pretty silly but having seen it once I never watched it again for years.

Now as a mature tranny I absolutely love it! And it holds up really well as a movie, especially owing to the quality of the brilliant songs, especially that opening track with the big red lips! My brother bought the soundtrack album soon after we went and he went back many times with two lesbian friends from High School. But my brother is certainly not a crossdresser, so the film was no threat to him at all. It was just good fun.

Time sadly has been cruel to Tim Curry, stricken with a stroke about ten years ago – I actually thought he might be dead already, but no, he’s still alive. And of course Meat Loaf’s passing was the whole reason I watched it again. I didn’t realize till just now that the creator and songwriter, Richard O’Brien (Riff-Raff), identifies as non-binary. When I read that it was like, “Of course, now I get it!” Nice to read that he seems happy: “I know I’m loved.” Not a bad place to be.