Password Problems Fixed!

Whew, I’m so relieved to finally have this password problem all resolved. If you’re still having any troubles, just go to the public homepage and send me an email from the email link.

There are a few manually entered passwords for some of the models and photographers and other friends I’ve worked with that got lost in cyberspace, so if you have one and it’s not working just let me know and I’ll add it right away. Whew, I got a few new grey hairs from this! Thanks so much for everyone’s patience – I really appreciate all the support!

Password / Technical Issues on Trannies In Trouble Paysite

Just a note for members of the Trannies In Trouble paysite. I’m having
some technical issues right now with passwords and will be continuing
to work on it through the weekend with my webhost and CCBill to get
everything back up and running as soon as possible.

I really really apologize for the hassle if you’ve had trouble logging
on. Please bear with me and I’ll get this worked out as soon as
possible. I really appreciate everyone’s support and patience!

Fetish Photography Weekend

So last weekend I was at a fetish photography weekend workshop being put on by erotic photographer Lori Mann. It was quite challenging, and although there was no bondage, it was still a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of a heatwave here in Southern California and the workshop was held in Lancaster, up in the high desert. Saturday I think it hit about 105. There were a bunch of great models and some very talented people there.

I did get to shoot pictures with a couple of terrific models. First I shot with Natalie Addams, who has an incredibly cute goth girl look (Model Mayhem page). We shot up in a small attic, where the heat must have been in the high nineties. But Natalie held up well, though I was sweating like a pig. Then later I did some pictures with the lovely Mz. Berlin, wearing a bright and colorful retro outfit and posing in a nice funky motel room set. She was great to work with and I really loved her outfit.

One of the most amazing demos was by a photographer / artist named Allan Amato who showed us a bunch of his portrait and fashion work and gave a jaw-dropping Photoshop tutorial. If I were trying to do fashion photography, after seeing his stuff I’d just give up. He’s just freakishly talented and operating at such a refined level that even after seeing his extensive demo I still have no real clue how he does what he does.

Here’s some of my shots with Natalie and Berlin. They were great to work with and I hope I’ll have a chance to work with them again. Oh, and if you’re into erotic or fetish photography, Lori’s classes are great – highly recommended!

Blown Out

I sometimes like the interesting “mistakes” that happen when shooting. This shot caught my eye from when we were checking the exposure on a recent shoot with Chainguy. Just sitting on the sofa and staring into space. Obviously way overexposed but kind of nice and artsy.

Bob Geldof on Email

I love what Sir Bob has to say about email. He’s so right. I mean, I like to stay in touch with friends and family and all, but email really does have to be one of the biggest time sucks out there. I’ve had so many mornings when I’m getting ready to edit pictures or do some real work, and then I’ll log on and find I have 30 new emails to deal with. It takes incredible willpower to put off dealing with them and to stay focused on what really needs to be done, especially since, as he suggests, email gives the impression that you’re getting things done, but you’re really not. So the question is, would the world end if I just stopped answering them? And I already don’t answer a lot of them! Well, I guess if it’s an email from a gorgeous woman whom I’d like to date, I’d probably answer it, though I don’t seem to get many of those ;-)

Cheap and Sleazy Sandra

It’s been a busy week and I had another good photoshoot today. This time I wore this cheap and sleazy outfit with a denim skirt, extra-tight top, big hoop earrings and even bigger tits. We also shot a bunch of non-tied-up cheesecake pictures beforehand, which I always enjoy. Here are a few of me feeling sexy. Later a bunch of rope came out and one of the biggest and stickiest tapegags I’ve ever worn. It really turned my crank, I have to admit. I’ll most likely post the full set next week.

Obscenity Trial Judge’s Own Website

Apparently an obscenity trial going on in L.A. was recently suspended when the judge, Alex Kozinski, acknowledged that he had some naughty pictures on his own personal website. He says he wasn’t aware that the files could be accessed by the public. Apparently they were in a folder that didn’t have a public link, but if one was aware of the folder they could type it in the address bar to reach it. It sounds like the stuff he had online was pretty mild, some of it sexy and some of it racy stuff that he found funny. I kind of feel sorry for the judge and the embarrassment he must be feeling. It just shows that if you’re in a highly visible position of authority you have to keep things squeaky clean. Someone like me, of course, is a lost cause, but then I won’t be running for public office anytime soon. The guy on trial, who sells bestiality and defecation videos, must be having a really good day with this strange turn of events.

Speaking of that Pink Dress

Well, it looks like this blog is turning into a celebrity rag after all: I just saw that Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy was on the cover of Cosmo a few months ago wearing that same pink dress as Christina. She looks pretty darn nice too, though something about the curve of Christina’s hips just really works for me (there’s that inner lech again…)

Laura Dern as Katherine Harris

I was out of town for a few days last week with my best friend K. and saw the new HBO movie “Recount” while on the road (I love cable TV in motels). The movie’s about the 2000 election and is very good, but Laura Dern as Katherine Harris steals the show. She plays the part like someone who’s blissfully in over their head and doesn’t have a clue. And of course I couldn’t help but notice the awesome business suits that she wears. Here’s a good review of the movie from Roger Ebert with a nice picture of the actress. And a clip of her on YouTube. Did I mention she wears some awesome business suits? ;-) There’s also a very brief shot in the movie of protestors with duct tape over their mouths.

As for the events of the movie, it left me frustrated and dismayed, especially in light of events since 2000 – if only things had gone differently…

Christina on Us Weekly

I was in the grocery store the other day and stopped in my tracks when I saw this cover of Us Weekly with Christina Aguilera in this stunning pink dress. OMG, the dress and her pose and the curves of her body – everything about this is so hot that it’s almost painful to look at. I was standing there staring and then realized I was staring and should probably move on so I don’t look like a total lech, but I could barely tear my eyes away from it, my oh my…