The last couple weeks I’ve been out with my friend K. at some restaurants and we got the “Hi, ladies” greeting during two different outings, even though I was in guy mode both times. Now, for a crossdresser it’s kind of cool to be mistaken for a woman when you’re not even dressed, though I always feel for the poor server, as they immediately see their error and apologize. One waitress actually did it twice during the same meal and then apologized each time. It’s the hair. Mine’s not really that long but it’s longer than most guys, and because I’m fairly slender, when they approach from behind they sometimes read me as a girl. When the waitress apologized the second time, I just said, “Don’t worry, I get that a lot.” Which isn’t really true. It doesn’t happen that often, but again it is kind of cool when it does.

Two Weeks

Well, I’ve been in Denver just over two weeks and things have been pretty good, but a little bumpy. I’ve already met and gotten in touch with a few new contacts with an interest in bondage but I haven’t been getting out as much as I’d like, as I’m still having some transportation problems. The car still runs but doesn’t feel that reliable anymore so I’ve been going with a friend and doing one of the funnest things you can ever do – visiting used car showrooms! (Cartwheels!) So I’m hoping to get something like a late-model used Toyota or Hyundai within the next few weeks, and be a bit more mobile. But Denver’s nice and the weather’s been good, but I always forget how dry it is in Colorado.

Movies – I missed this one when it came out but in The Box Cameron Diaz wears what looks like some pretty terrific Seventies fashions, so I’m going to have to see it. The premise sounds a bit silly – If you push the button on this mysterious box you’ll get a million dollars and a stranger somewhere will die; would you do it? But I do like the director, who also did Donnie Darko, and well, Cameron Diaz wears Seventies fashions!

I also saw The Informant! (with an exclamation mark) the other night, which is very clever and funny and Matt Damon is terrific as the whistleblower who’s also a total nutcase. And I was really struck by the actress who plays his wife, Melanie Lynskey, who’s no stunning beauty, but whom I found incredibly attractive in a MILF sort of way. There’s nothing kinky about the movie, but there’s one scene where she has a terrific updo and wears some fabulous dangley earrings.

Sally Roberts (Again)

A friend recently sent me a few old Sally Roberts pics that I just had to share. She’s perhaps my all-time favorite bondage model – her pretty face and wide innocent eyes and just her whole manner was so unique and special – a real one of a kind. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have an archive site with all her old material – I’d sign up in a second. The first picture with her tape gagged while Susan Blair wraps a chest rope around her is especially stunning. Great stuff. I just saw that Harmony has a few of her old DVDs still for sale, so I might have to order a couple once I get more settled in here in Denver.