Helen Boyd from My Husband Betty had a link to an interesting article on introverts that I really enjoyed and could relate to. I’m definitely an introvert, even though I seem to go out to a fair number of parties and am always posting potentially embarrassing pictures of myself in bondage on the net.

The main thing is the idea that for introverts social interaction is tiring, whereas for extroverts it’s energizing. I generally like people, and I love my family and friends, but I also have a huge need to often be alone, and I’m sure some have probably seen me as arrogant or cold or timid because of that. I can’t count how many times people have said to me, “You’re too quiet,” or “Why are you so serious?” Whereas the truth is that when I’m in a social situation it just takes an effort, even when I’m feeling comfortable, and after a while I’ve had enough and I just want to be alone again. And of course it’s nothing personal, that’s just how it is for us introverts.

I liked how the author pointed out that it’s not a character flaw or something that needs to be fixed, but just an orientation to life. People are the way they are.

Fun with Nose Hooks

It was another busy weekend. Saturday afternoon I went to the Threshold BBQ / potluck and ate way too much. Gotta love those turkey dogs! It was pretty nice just hanging out with people and taking it easy for a couple hours. Later my friends Bettie Cho and Chainguy showed up and we all stayed for the party that evening. I’d just bought a stainless steel nosehook from JT’s Stockroom and surprised Bettie with it once I had her in a tight hogtie. The hogtie’s a perfect position for using the nosehook, adding a thin cord to it to and running it back over the top of her head to pull her back and make her look like a little piggie. It’s truly diabolical. I then added a clothespin to each earlobe and caned her ass pretty well. And, heck, I’m not even into pain – no, really…

Later we did another tie on the big steel suspension cage they have there. Bettie was standing up with one leg tied up in the air so that she had to balance herself on her left foot. It was another excrutiating position for her and again I brought out the cane for her ass and thighs. I think Delilah must have corrupted me. The last time we did the webcam, Delilah caned Bettie so hard that she made her cry. And I have to admit that sick as it sounds, it was pretty neat. So it was a repeat performance and once again Bettie shed a few tears.

The downside of the evening was that the party was empty. There was such a small turnout that the energy level was pretty low. That gave us free reign of the place but I’d rather have it rockin’ and have some spectators to play too.

Then yesterday was the monthly bondage workshop, this time being presented by Miss Susan, who gave a great demo on her pseudo-Japanese style of tying and nerves and pressure points. It was really nice to be in the audience for a change. I’ve got to find more guest speakers for the future.

Folder Size Utility (Caution: Geek Warning)

I get way too excited over dumb stuff like this, but I just found this really neat little program that will add a column that tells you the size of the contents of folders, something that the folks at Microsoft seem to have overlooked. I’ve sometimes found it frustrating when I’m in Windows Explorer, where the size of individual files is clearly listed, but for folders there’s nothing. You have to right click on each one and go to “Properties” to get the information. A bit of a pain.

But, hey, with this little thing you can add a new column, “folder size,” that instantly tells you the size of folders. And it’s free and appears to be free of adware or other crap. Whenever I’m trying to clean up my hard drive, I’m always right clicking on folders to find out how big they are. I love this thing!

Last Weekend

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but it was a pretty busy weekend. Friday we had the Club Fantasy party and had our best turn-out yet. It usually starts out slow but by ten or eleven it’s usually humming along with quite a bit of play. At one point there were four scenes going on in the big room and later a friend pointed out that every single one of the girls tied up was Asian. I hadn’t even noticed till it was mentioned. I guess if you’re Asian and you go to Club Fantasy, you’re getting your ass tied up!

Then Saturday night at the last minute I ended up once again going out to the Lodge with my friend Kim for the very last night before the club shut down for good. The weekend before we’d done the same and saw many of the same people. This Saturday though seemed like just about any other and by 12:30 or so we’d had enough.

Then Sunday I shot some pictures with Delilah for her site and had a lot of fun. We again did some outdoor public bondage. Delilah modeled and I shot the pictures. Whenever we do that I always have a feeling of dread and fear before we start and then once we’re doing it I forget all about my anxieties and just click away. Afterwards it’s such a feeling of relief and we’re usually laughing our heads off.

Club Fantasy this Friday, September 15th

So this Friday, it’ll be the next Club Fantasy TG Bondage Party. I’m looking forward to it and have some ideas in mind for some bondage I want to try out. Or if I’m really lucky I’ll just get my own ass tied up. It’ll be from 8:00 PM till 12:00 AM (though it often runs late) at the usual spot in N. Hollywood. $10 at the door.

Here’s the info. page with details and the directions and so on. If you’re in the area, come on out!

A Final Night at the Lodge

Last night my good friend Kim and I went up to the Lodge for one of their final TG nights. They’ve apparently lost their lease and are set to close for good next weekend, so we wanted to see it one more time. I saw a lot of friends there, including “notorious” Bettie Cho and Beverly, who showed up with a friend just as we were heading out. It was a fun night and our friend Angie got pretty drunk and flashed her tits all over the place.

Kim and I took a few pictures before heading out.

Takin’ Pictures

I had a fun photoshoot today with my friend Paul (aka Chainguy) up in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. We spent the better part of the day shooting at the Sanctuary Dungeon, owned by Mistress Cyan, who’s the nicest person you could meet (just don’t let anyone know or it could ruin her rep.) It was great to shoot in a brand new location and mix things up a bit. We did some stuff with a cruel pair of wooden stocks and lots of, well, chain (hence, the nickname). It was quite a different look for me and came out really nicely I thought. Here’s one of them with some nice lighting. I’ll put more up on the site in a few weeks.

Geeky Request / Favorites Management Software

Sorry for the “spammy” post, but I was just wondering if anyone out there has any Favorites Management Software they’d recommend for managing their favorites / bookmarks. The “Organize Favorites” option in Windows really sucks and my list has gotten so sloppy and out of control that I hardly even use it anymore. I’m just always going to Google. So if any super geeks out there know of any good software they like, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment – preferably free software but I’d pay if it was useful. I use Roboform, for example, for managing my passwords, and it’s the best forty bucks I ever spent.