Takin’ Pictures

I had a fun photoshoot today with my friend Paul (aka Chainguy) up in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. We spent the better part of the day shooting at the Sanctuary Dungeon, owned by Mistress Cyan, who’s the nicest person you could meet (just don’t let anyone know or it could ruin her rep.) It was great to shoot in a brand new location and mix things up a bit. We did some stuff with a cruel pair of wooden stocks and lots of, well, chain (hence, the nickname). It was quite a different look for me and came out really nicely I thought. Here’s one of them with some nice lighting. I’ll put more up on the site in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Takin’ Pictures”

  1. Very nice, sweetie. You look lovely as ever. As much as I enjoy rope, shackles have also been a fascination for me. I love how rigid and inescapable it is. Maybe it just feels more like an old medieval dungeon.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. That is a genius piece of bondage furniture. I think I shall have to endeavor to build something like it in my play room. Maybe as part of my sensory dep cell.

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