Recent Postings with Amanda Bound and Vivian Chen

I hope everyone’s been having a good start to the new year. I’m just getting ready for some more shoots coming up this weekend. But I’ve been having a good time working on the most recent updates on the site, including the intense gag sequence with Amanda Bound that we shot a few months ago. Breathplay is of course very dangerous and I always tell people to be extremely careful if you ever do anything like that, and to never do any breath restriction with self-bondage – it’s just way too risky and could be your last.

The session that Amanda and I did turned out to be quite intense and in fact one of the member’s on the site wrote me yesterday and said the CIA should hire me to interrogate prisoners, which I’ll take as a compliment ;-) We were very careful though and worked out safety signals beforehand and Amanda wants to do it again so it couldn’t have been that bad! This Friday there’ll also be a new update with Vivian Chen in a plastic wrap and duct tape mummification that I found very hot. That girl was completely helpless and wasn’t getting out of there without some assistance or maybe a couple hours desperately struggling inch by inch out of her cocoon. There will also be a few extra pantyhose mummification pics included, that we shot a few years ago and have just never gotten around to posting. It’s funny how things can pile up on the hard drive and never get posted till years later. But I’m excited about some other shoots coming up too – here’s to a new year with lots of bondage ahead. :-)