Party Gurl Jocelyn L. Returns

Jocelyn L. is one of those gurls that the camera really likes. She pulls off the party-girl look effortlessly and is really comfortable at striking a pose and looking over her shoulder with that look. She was basically introduced to bondage when we shot last fall and at the time I really hoped that she’d be willing to do it again, so I was thrilled when we shot these pictures just a couple months ago. We had the classic theme in mind of the hotel handyman who finds a cute CD practicing self-bondage alone in her room and who is “persuaded” to go along with whatever she’s forced to do to eventually be set free. I know I’ve been in a few hotel rooms late at night wishing I could get into some kind of trouble like this, and I suspect Jocelyn would do whatever was required of her. Why else would she dress like that if she didn’t want the attention?