Blogging and Twitter

This blog has been online for quite a few years now though I’ll admit I don’t post nearly as much as I used to. Some of that is just inertia and some of it is probably owing to Twitter. Twitter is a very silly site, with a slightly cruel undercurrent since your number of “followers,” (hence, your popularity) seems to be such a big part of it. I see people who join and who hang around a while and then drift away from it, something I’ve sometimes wanted to do myself, but I still tweet (a ridiculous word) a few times a week and, well, kind of like it.

The thing about Twitter, though, is that it’s definitely cut down on my blogging since things that before I would have posted here I now just fire off in a quick tweet, especially things related to gay marriage (yay, New Jersey!) and trans / CD issues (and, uh, “Breaking Bad” – I was hooked!) I suppose eventually this blog may pass away (what doesn’t?), though I still do like it and will continue to post when I do, especially since people write me every now and then and thank me for certain posts and comments. I have a couple longer blog posts that I keep meaning to finish but they just aren’t there yet so who knows when? In the meantime I’ll just be very “meta” and blog about blogging, or not blogging as much, as the case may be…

Amazing Sissy Crossdresser in Wyoming

I just had to post a link to this article, sent to me by Delilah, about a truly brave individual in Wyoming who uses the name Sissy Goodwin. I can’t imagine how she goes about in public dressed as a sissy, enduring the name-calling and discrimination, and even getting beaten up numerous times…and all the while living in one of the most conservative states in the country. Her fashion sense might not be the best but that will to live ones life regardless of the consequences always fills me with amazement. Truly a brave person, far braver than I could ever be.