East Coast Trip: NYC and Rochester

I’ve been playing catch-up since I got back from the east coast but it turned out to be quite an adventure. There were some plane and train delays but I finally made it back east, where I met a lot of nice and cool people. First I was in Rochester and spent the first day kidnapped in David Iron’s garage. We’ve been talking online for years and it was really exciting to finally find myself in the same place that I’ve seen in lots of his photos. The duct tape bondage below in the white dress was out of this world and felt so completely helpless. He played it up as though he were really kidnapping me and had me taped up like that within minutes. Then the next day after recovering, I got to shoot with Sara Jensen – in the bizarre stockade below – who was a lot of fun and completely up for being put through the ringer (always love that!)

After a long delay getting down to NYC on the Amtrak trip from hell I finally got to meet up with Ada Black, who’s super cute and made a nice young damsel trapped in her hotel room while her crazy aunt (guess who?) prepared to go into the city on vacation. Ada was a good sport and played along nicely and we got some really cute glamour shots too. Then after a much-needed good night’s sleep, I got to shoot with Ashley A., who was really cool and who very generously met up with me later that night in the city and showed me around. This was my first time dressing up and going out in NYC and everything went just fine. I was staying in New Jersey but had no problems riding the PATH train over to Manhattan, where we checked out some clubs, including Ashley’s favorite bar, The Bourgeois Pig, which was very relaxing and a really nice way to end the evening. Yeah, I’d had a couple drinks in that one shot below with Ashley ;-) We also hit the tasty waffle truck (Yum!) in Greenwich Village after stopping by the Stonewall Inn.

Another shoot that I was planning unfortunately fell through but I did finally get to meet up with Amanda Bound, another nice gurl with whom I’ve emailed off and on for years. Amanda also likes it strict and we did a couple nice scenes with some intense breath restriction, tight duct tape gags, and cable ties, nicely working her over. It was a really enjoyable evening and Amanda finally drifted off in bondage while I was straightening up the gear and putting the lights away, a nice way to end the shoot. I did get to go into the city one more time, this time in daylight and just in boy mode, but I did stop by Times Square to check out the cool Houdini exhibit at a local magic shop and also saw Manhattan’s little-known 6 1/2 Avenue (really just a shortcut pedestrian walkway in midtown that runs for several blocks but the signs are kind of cool.) I also took some snapshots of the signage in Times Square (Barbie!) and noticed this series of New York / Paris / London prints, with drawings of the kind of fantasy sophisticated young woman that a crossdresser dreams of being (of course, there are plenty of “real” women who’d like to be her too!)

I always find New York City a fascinating place though have to admit I was happy to be back in L.A. by the end of it. NYC is great but can be such a hassle just trying to maneuver and get around, and the crush of people can get a little overwhelming after a few days. L.A. can have its own hassles with the traffic and congestion but is almost easy compared to the Big Apple. Amazing city though and always worth a visit, especially if lots of bondage is involved :-)