TEASE in May / and Tumblr / Blogging

TEASE – Just a quick announcement that the next TEASE party in N. Hollywood, California, will be on Saturday, May 30th, 8 PM till 2 AM at the Threshold clubhouse. Thanks to Jessica for the cute new artwork! We’ve been having fantastic turnouts since we switched over to quarterly parties – RSVP page on Fetlife. Hope to see you there!

Tumblr and Blogging – I’ve been thinking that when I get back from BoundCon I’ll probably start up a page over on Tumblr to post new preview pics and some oldies and occasional rambling thoughts like I sometimes do here. I used to blog a lot more on this page, but in general it seems that the “golden age” of blogging, if there ever was one, has pretty much passed. Now there are blog-like things like Twitter (which I kind of like) and Facebook (which I’m on but can’t stand), but actually reading and following specific blogs seems to have fallen out of fashion. I know I don’t follow any blogs anymore, whereas I used to follow quite a few. Even traffic on this page here has fallen off, although again, I don’t blog that often and this blog is basically only seen by visitors to the larger Trannies In Trouble website, and is tucked away on its own little link.

But Tumblr on the other hand seems to be quite popular (heck, it probably had its golden age a few years ago too!) But it appears that it’s much easier to post pictures on Tumblr than it is on WordPress, which is what this page is. It’s actually surprising how much cutting and pasting I have to do here just to post a few photos, which has always been one of the hassles of updating this blog…So anyway, long story short, I’m sure I’ll keep this blog online for another year or so but I’ll probably start to drift over to Tumblr this summer and will of course post a link when I get it started. And of course none of this has any impact on the main Trannies In Trouble site and the ongoing updates there with photos and videos. Thanks again to everyone who does follow the blog here, and those of you who leave comments, I always appreciate it! Without them I’d feel like I’m posting into the void ;-)

Ladies of the Place Blanche

I saw these amazing photos recently on Twitter of trans women in Paris back in the 1950s and was really taken by the style and atmosphere of the photos (another link here). They’re really amazing, taken by Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm around the Place Blanche district of Paris, near the Moulin Rouge. I’m going to sound like a big jet-setter here again but I’m actually heading over to BoundCon again in a few weeks in Germany, with a couple other stops including a quick stay in Paris, so these jumped out at me when I saw them. It’ll only be the second time I’ve been over there but I’ve saved up since last year and I’m real excited and should have some fun new photos.

There’s something about black and white and the styles of the past though that we just can’t touch today. When I see these photos I just wonder what the lives were like of these ladies. Did they live full-time – I’m guessing they did but who knows? – and what did they do for a living? Were they call girls, shopgirls, performers? And what was it like being trans back in that time, in that city? The photos suggest so much back-story and leave so many unanswered questions, beautiful and suggestive.

Brides In Bondage by Samuel Cirnansck

I really loved these fashion photos when I saw them on Twitter recently, taken a few years ago at a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by designer Samuel Cirnansck. They really play off the idea of marriage as a form of slavery and domination of women…and yeah, they’re just really sexy. The latex dresses in particular are stunning. There are some other shots from this show over here, with a nice video too, and lots more on Google Images. Apparently they’ve been very popular online with lots of reposting, can’t imagine why ;-)