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Falling In Love with a Stranger

The other weekend I went out on a ten-mile hike up one of the nearby mountains north of L.A. It was a beautiful slightly chilly day, perfect for strenuous hiking.

Unlike my friend Jeanne, I sweat way too much to go hiking in girl mode, so I was just in boring ol’ boy mode on the trail. As I was starting out, I noticed a young woman, maybe 30 years old, who was hiking alone and wearing this cute dusky peach workout top that was snug and close fitting. I didn’t want to be the creepy guy and stare at her but from the moment I saw her she made an impression. First off, her cute outfit, with her workout top and leggings immediately awakened my fetishism. I wanted so badly to check out what she was wearing but made an effort not to. “Don’t be like that. You’re not here to stare!”

And secondly, she also completely awakened my feelings of gender dysphoria. I had that familiar feeling of wondering what her life was like, and wondering what my life would have been like had I been born with a body like hers. What would it be like if I were a young woman wearing my cute workout wear, going about my life in L.A., and going up a mountain on a solo hike. I admit the whole thing does sound a little creepy when I put it down into words like that. But my main concern was not to stare at her or give her any unwanted attention. She was alone minding her own business and wasn’t there to be bothered with my silly inner thoughts and desires.

The funny thing though is that during the next four-hour hike we kept leapfrogging on the trail, and not on purpose. I really wasn’t trying to follow her, but it always seemed we were just a few hundred yards apart, all the way up the mountain. She would pass and then I would pass, and we would say the casual greetings that you say when you’re on a popular trail. Finally, as it was getting cold near the top, she turned back and as she passed said she was calling it a day since she didn’t have any other layers. And then ironically, there she was again thirty minutes later coming up to the summit just as I was starting to descend. She had hooked up with a hiking group that must have told her that she was so close to the top, why turn back? And to add to the comedy of the whole situation, the route down was poorly marked (the trail was a loop), so after a while I ended up having to tag along with the hiking group too just to find my way back down. It was like I couldn’t get away from her!

So maybe I didn’t really fall in love with her, but I sure was aware of her presence, and to me it felt awkward. We’ve all had that experience where you meet someone that you find so attractive that it’s actually distracting. Sometimes it can even be unpleasant in a “sweet suffering” kind of way. It was like, “I just want to do my stupid hike. I don’t want my emotions and desires and my dysphoria to get all worked up!” But that’s what happened. The funny thing is that I’ll probably remember this woman for the rest of my life because the emotional response, and her attractiveness, was so strong. I just hope I wasn’t perceived as the creepy guy on the trail – that would be utterly mortifying. Who knows if I seemed weird or anxious, but all my inner rumination certainly couldn’t have helped!

I’ve certainly seen other people whom I also remember because they were so attractive, mostly women, but also some crossdressers too. I’ve had this experience several times of being at a bar or club and seeing someone whom I don’t have the courage to approach, and then ending up with their image later burned into my memory – some of them I can remember years, even decades, later.

Part of the difficulty in relaxing around a shockingly attractive person – and of course this is very common – is that I’ve often struggled with feelings of unworthiness, that feeling of being somehow flawed or undeserving deep down inside, even though normally I can carry myself quite well and usually make a good impression on people. But inside, there’s that little voice that says, “No, not quite, not you.” It’s an irrational response – probably only made worse by gender dysphoria and fetishism – but it’s so persistent, like a nagging guest who just keeps revisiting again and again.

So that was my day out hiking. Later that evening I still thought about the young woman, and at one point I did say out loud, “I think I just fell in love.” Strange how things work out. I just wanted to go on my hike and get some exercise and see if my heartbeat felt improved since my hospital visit in December (good news, my pulse did feel much better!) So there’s what I was expecting from the day and there’s what I got – another memory of a cute girl to swoon over, and a day or two with my emotions shaken up like a snow globe – all combined with a good workout – not a bad weekend to be honest.

Back In L.A.

I made it into the Burbank airport yesterday with no problem and had a nice lunch with my friend Chainguy. It’s nice to be back in L.A. but I’ll never get used to the congestion of this city. Last night I had a delightful time at the Femme Fatale party at the Threshold clubhouse – it’s so nice to walk into a party where you know a bunch of people! Off to Palm Springs for a couple days to see friends and hike Mt. San Jacinto, then hoping to shoot some pictures later this week.

Visiting Los Angeles late October / early November

One nice bit of news is that I will be visiting Los Angeles again at the end of October and into early November, and I’ll be at the Club Fantasy party on November 5th! I’ve really missed those parties and it’ll be great to see everyone again. I’ll be without a car, which is tough in L.A., so it’ll be public transportation, occasional rental cars, and bumming rides off of friends. I’ll be doing a few photoshoots while I’m there, hiking my favorite mountain – San Jacinto, and generally enjoying the L.A. ambience, which I do miss, even though I complained a lot about it when I lived there. I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends again – and palm trees!

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

I consider myself more of a hiker than a runner, but my buddy J. and I want to attempt the Pikes Peak Ascent Race next summer in 2011. To qualify for that you have to finish a half marathon, so I’ve been training the last couple months and we ran the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon this morning, which is held in a really beautiful setting in the mountains up along I-70. We both did pretty well; I finished in just over two hours, but man, that last mile was a bitch! I was never completely sure that I could run the full 13 miles but now that it’s done I find myself considering other races, though a full marathon would be really out of my reach at this point – I’d probably crap out around mile 15. The half marathon, though, with a few months of training, really is do-able for anyone who’s in moderately decent shape. It was a terrific morning and very exciting doing the race with probably close to 3000 other runners. But oh, my toes are sore tonight. No high heels for a few days.

Hiking Season Begins

I always apologize when I do these hiking posts, as I know most people checking out this blog are looking for tranny bondage, but hey, I’m always excited to have another summer with some strenuous activity ahead of me. My hiking buddy J. and I went out again Friday for our yearly hike up Pikes Peak and had a terrific time. We made it a night hike this time, starting at 12:30 AM and getting to timberline as the sun was coming up. It was really an awesome way to do it and we didn’t see a single blessed person the entire thirteen miles. A good friend met us up top on the road that goes to the summit and drove us down in her car, and when we got down it was already way too hot out to do anything else for the day. All in all, it was a terrific start to the summer and very memorable.

Cactus to Clouds

Okay, it’s another non-kinky hiking post today, though probably the last one till next summer ;-)

I read about this insane “Cactus to Clouds” hike on Mt. San Jacinto in Palm Springs, CA, a couple years ago and I wondered if I’d ever be up to doing it. Basically you start on the desert floor in Palm Springs and climb up over 10,000 feet of elevation gain to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto, going from the desert to an alpine environment in one long day. This mothah is tough! The desert heat can be deadly so spring or fall are about the only times to safely attempt it (in winter the upper trails get dangerously icey). The trail is sketchy and easy to lose too, so I found a good group to go with – didn’t want to end up alone and lost in the desert!

One cool thing about Mt. San Jacinto is that there’s an Aerial Tramway at the 8000 foot level. So when you’re coming down, you just descend partway to the tram station and ride back down – covering in 12 minutes what took hours and hours to do on foot!

Mount Whitney

Well, this is turning out to be my summer of hiking. I was up in Lone Pine, California, the other day with my best friend K., and Monday I dragged myself up to the top of Mount Whitney, which is the highest spot in the lower 48 states, and by a strange coincidence only 85 miles away from the lowest point in Death Valley. It was an awesome hike and took just over 12 hours to get back down. The mountain’s really busy too and I probably saw about 300 people on it, including about 30 hanging out on top. Another amazing day!

Up the Peak Again

I know most everyone who reads this blog wants to see trannies and bondage, not mountain vistas, but hey, I love hiking up Pikes Peak. This was my third year in a row with my good friend J. and we had a perfect day last Friday, with few clouds and no rain. The funny thing is that you hike along for 13 miles and feel like you’re going to die from the altitude, and then you get to the top and there are about a hundred people milling around from the train that runs to the summit, and you go in the station and buy doughnuts and hot chocolate. The return trip is nice, except for the last six miles or so when you’re so tired that you just want it to end – please! But it was a fabulous day.

Hollywood Sign, From Behind

The other day I hiked up to the Hollywood sign (not in my high heels). You can’t actually go up to the sign, as it’s all fenced off, but the path goes up above so that you’re looking down on it. I took a couple snapshots and got this interesting perspective that you don’t normally see. I put a couple shots together in Photoshop for a wide-angle view (there’s some distortion and obvious tilting, especially along the “Y,” where the two pictures meet). And a nice view of smog-covered Los Angeles below.

Back from Colorado

I’ve been back in L.A. a couple days now, and had a great time on vacation. When I was in the airport I spotted a display they had from someone who had collected lots of old-fashioned hatpins and make-up items. There was this bobbie pin package with this drawing on it – she’s pretty sexy! I love that dress and that tiny waist! A transvestite’s dream – I both desire her and want to be her, though her head’s a bit out of proportion :-)

Also, like I mentioned, a friend and I went up and down Pikes Peak in one day. I was sore for days afterwards but it was the best climb I’ve done (the fourth time I’ve climbed it). Usually I feel ready to drop dead above timberline, and I just suffer my way up the last three miles to the top, but this time was much less strenuous. It was awesome, in the true sense of the word.

I don’t have any pictures from Pikes Peak but here’s a view of the West Spanish Peak out the car window that I did a few days earlier (the one on the right). It was pretty great too and not overcast like it appears in the picture.

Anyway, it’s good to be back, though I always feel a bit homesick when I’m again faced with the congestion and traffic and smog of L.A. It has its pluses, but definitely also has its, well, minuses. Back to work!

Having Fun in Colorado

I’ve been having a great time in Colorado and am getting some good mountain climbing in. Yesterday I went up the West Spanish Peak with a good friend. It’s about 13,600 feet, so the air is really thin, but I love the dead silence when you’re up there and the view for miles all around. I’m going to try to tackle Pikes Peak, which is a bitch, on Tuesday.

It’ll be good to get back to L.A., though, later next week and get back to getting my ass tied up. I’ll be craving it good ;-)

Kinkster Hike Success

We just finished up the Kinkster Hike a few hours ago and I had a really fun time. We had a decent turnout in the morning and had a good hike up to the Griffith Park Observatory and then a really nice lunch at the cafe, with several other people meeting us there. There was a lot of good conversation and people seemed to be having a good time hanging out and enjoying the view. It was a pretty hot day, so maybe planning this event earlier in the year might have been better, but several of us braved the heat in the afternoon and went the rest of the way up Mount Hollywood. I think all together some of us hiked about 5 miles. I love that feeling of being tired out and sore afterwards, with the endorphins flowing and that beautiful sense of well-being. I’m not sure if this will become an annual or semi-annual thing but it might, depending on the feedback I hear. We shall see. In any case, it was great for me, as I’ve wanted to do a group hike like this for years.

Kinkster Hike, April 12th, in Griffith Park, L.A.

As many readers here know, I’m a big hiker and I just wanted to announce that I’ve been organizing a “Kinkster Hike” for Saturday, April 12th, at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, with lunch at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe. It’s going to be a chance for connecting and having fun with your fellow kinksters and is open to everyone – any kink, interest, gender or orientation in the bdsm and fetish communities.

It’ll also be a chance to get together out in the broad daylight rather than the night-shrouded parties we so often go to. Don’t get me wrong, I love those parties. This is just doing something new and different with people that normally I would never have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors with.

There are full details on where to meet on the website here. The hike to the Observatory is of moderate intensity and under a mile, and if you’re in reasonably good shape you’ll do fine. If you don’t like hiking, just meet us at noon at the Observatory and have lunch at the cafe. Afterwards we can check out the cool exhibits and continue up Mount Hollywood for everyone who wants to. Since there are families at the park, I recommend just coming in normal everyday hiking wear, unless of course you wear full leather or pink pvc 24/7. Myself, I’m just going to be in guy mode.

It’ll be a fun time and I hope to see you there!

Damn, I’m Sore

Today I went hiking with a good friend up the 13-mile trail that goes to the top of Pikes Peak, which towers over Colorado Springs. I’ve done it a few times over the years but it seemed especially brutal today. Usually we would also hike back down, but my right knee was so sore when I finally dragged my ass up to the top, that we decided to take the cog railroad train back down. Not sure when or if I’ll be doing this again anytime soon. I always forget that people occasionally die hiking up tall mountains. Apparently lightning strikes and the occasional heart attack are the main risks here. Not that I was going to die or anything, but with the thin air and the stress of the constant uphill climb, I’ll be struggling along and can hear my heart beating really fast in my head. It can be a little unnerving to imagine something serious happening and being stuck above timberline with no way for anyone to quickly get to you.