Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

I consider myself more of a hiker than a runner, but my buddy J. and I want to attempt the Pikes Peak Ascent Race next summer in 2011. To qualify for that you have to finish a half marathon, so I’ve been training the last couple months and we ran the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon this morning, which is held in a really beautiful setting in the mountains up along I-70. We both did pretty well; I finished in just over two hours, but man, that last mile was a bitch! I was never completely sure that I could run the full 13 miles but now that it’s done I find myself considering other races, though a full marathon would be really out of my reach at this point – I’d probably crap out around mile 15. The half marathon, though, with a few months of training, really is do-able for anyone who’s in moderately decent shape. It was a terrific morning and very exciting doing the race with probably close to 3000 other runners. But oh, my toes are sore tonight. No high heels for a few days.

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