Amazing Sissy Crossdresser in Wyoming

I just had to post a link to this article, sent to me by Delilah, about a truly brave individual in Wyoming who uses the name Sissy Goodwin. I can’t imagine how she goes about in public dressed as a sissy, enduring the name-calling and discrimination, and even getting beaten up numerous times…and all the while living in one of the most conservative states in the country. Her fashion sense might not be the best but that will to live ones life regardless of the consequences always fills me with amazement. Truly a brave person, far braver than I could ever be.

One thought on “Amazing Sissy Crossdresser in Wyoming”

  1. During the American War in Vietnam, I flew from a base in Thailand, Thailand, the Land of Silk and All Things Thereof…… I had silk slips made that fit the outline of a flight suit, a bit tricky after a mission, everyone unzipping their sweat soaked suits but taking that into consideration, my slip was low cut not to be revealed in the debriefing. A little tricky getting the slips laundered, but being Thailand, home of the Katoey, the house maids gleefully entered into the conspiracy. I was introduced to dressmakers specializing in man sized women’s gowns. A total mind fuck, days of getting your ass blown out of the air, with a day or so of lounging in multi-layers of silk and all that might imply………. I salute her for her courage……..

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