Trannies In Trouble Book…Questions Needed

I’ve been working on putting together a Trannies In Trouble book and am looking for questions that I can use to help me write some of the text. The book will be a sample of some of the better pictures from the first ten years of the website (2003 to 2013). So if you have any questions you’d like to ask me – they can be about the site, about dressing, about my personal life, really anything, don’t hold back! – feel free to add a comment here or you can email me directly (please include “book questions” in the subject line of emails). I’ll try to work the answers into the text of the book so that it’s a little different from the usual this-is-my-story description. It’s slow going but I’m hoping to have the book done by early 2014…Thanks for your help!

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  1. Sandra, I have been following your site since the beginning and have enjoyed everything about you and your site. No complaints at all. That said love to see you in tight spandex, the catsuit photo-shoot is my favorite, followed closely by your work with Michael Keye, especially with you applying for a job. You are gorgeous and look great in anything and everything tight and your bottom is perfect!
    Thank you for ten fabulous years.

  2. Sandra….the legs…the legs!!!…lol…seriously…is there a bondage scene or method that scares or really excites you…something you prefer…or dis-like?….ans still….the best legs on the net bar none!

  3. Sandra I have followed your great work for the whole periode. you are simply the greatest and you mean a lot to me. In the book I suggest you tell about how you discovered your sexuality, tell about your life in general, what mens the most in life to you, and also which of two means the most to you: being dressed as a woman or the bondage. if the answer is both of them, you might explain why. your danish admirer michael (dizzy)

  4. A book! How exciting! I remember “finding” you oh so long ago and the wonderful realization that I was not the only one in this world who enjoyed cross dressing and bondage. The more I have read, the more I have found that we all have very similar backgrounds in terms of discovering our love of this specific kink, so I would like to read more details of your own self discovery and evolution, from childhood to where you are now.

    Bound Hugs and Gagged Kisses,


  5. Hi Sandra, only been following your site for about a year but in that year I have enjoyed all your work. I lay there often dressed in my outfit and in tight self bondage and tightly gagged dreaming that it is you who has put me there. questions. which do you prefer to be bound or to do the bondage? when did you discover your true self and how did it evolve into todays adventures ? what do you prefer ropes, straps, tape, hose, ball gag, mouth tightly stuffed and then taped as bondage and gagging methods?

    Looking forward to seeing the finished book.

    Yours in tight bondage


  6. Sandra,

    Don’t know if you have considered this part of it yet:

    How do we get copies of the book once it’s done?
    Will you put it up for download? Or publish a paper version to mail to us?
    On a CD or DVD?

    Inquiring minds want to know…


  7. Thanks to everyone for all the good comments and to those who wrote directly. They’re just what I’m looking for and will help get the ideas flowing when I start to write…Oh, and yes, Dim, the book will be a print-on-demand book by Lulu (which is a big company that makes self-publishing very easy) so I’ll just put up the link where you’ll be able to order it and they’ll print one up and send it out. Don’t know the cost yet or the page count or much of anything yet, just have a bunch of possible pictures to winnow down at this point, but I’ll definitely write more when it’s done here and on the website and the Yahoo Group…

  8. Hi Sandra!

    As a long-time fan of you and your work, I’ve always wondered who ties you up. Whoever it is must surely be someone you trust.

  9. Hi Sandra,
    Like other here, I follow you, your work from the beginning, the early 2000’s, from France.
    I love to hear about the hidden part of your crossdresser’s life. I mean your site is the part on the stage, the fun part, the one you share with people who love crossdressing and bondage. But I would like to know you intimly, how you live as a CD in the everything day life, without ropes and ballgag… About your relations as a CD with people around you, with CD’s friends like Delilah, girls (friends or not), your family, your neighbourhood. I’ld you tell about your thoughts, your hopes, your fears, your choices …
    The other thing I would be curious is to know anecdotes during your bondage sessions, the “back stage”, about funny things, or anything else. And that you tell us about the great GG whith whom you worked : Ophelia, Dixie, Kim, Jewell…
    Hundred of pages to write for you, to read for us …
    Thank you for all these years …

  10. Hello Sandra,

    Oh nifty, I didn’t know you were planning this! How long have you had this idea in mind?

    Questions… hmm….

    Will you be including anything from the riggers and photographers you’ve worked with over the years? Comments, anecdotes, etc? (I’m especially fond of the work of that one rigger, A.K., whoever that person may be)*. Or the same from the various models you’ve worked with? It might be interesting to read about interesting incidents/shoots/etc from both points of view, depending on how you’re going to structure the book.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    * :: (wearing a completely innocent look) ::

  11. i like to be sissy male maid for 24/7 and be dress a sissy male maid suree and be tie up as one to by a woman and i like to do all their house work for them as a sissy maid to

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