Fun with Nose Hooks

It was another busy weekend. Saturday afternoon I went to the Threshold BBQ / potluck and ate way too much. Gotta love those turkey dogs! It was pretty nice just hanging out with people and taking it easy for a couple hours. Later my friends Bettie Cho and Chainguy showed up and we all stayed for the party that evening. I’d just bought a stainless steel nosehook from JT’s Stockroom and surprised Bettie with it once I had her in a tight hogtie. The hogtie’s a perfect position for using the nosehook, adding a thin cord to it to and running it back over the top of her head to pull her back and make her look like a little piggie. It’s truly diabolical. I then added a clothespin to each earlobe and caned her ass pretty well. And, heck, I’m not even into pain – no, really…

Later we did another tie on the big steel suspension cage they have there. Bettie was standing up with one leg tied up in the air so that she had to balance herself on her left foot. It was another excrutiating position for her and again I brought out the cane for her ass and thighs. I think Delilah must have corrupted me. The last time we did the webcam, Delilah caned Bettie so hard that she made her cry. And I have to admit that sick as it sounds, it was pretty neat. So it was a repeat performance and once again Bettie shed a few tears.

The downside of the evening was that the party was empty. There was such a small turnout that the energy level was pretty low. That gave us free reign of the place but I’d rather have it rockin’ and have some spectators to play too.

Then yesterday was the monthly bondage workshop, this time being presented by Miss Susan, who gave a great demo on her pseudo-Japanese style of tying and nerves and pressure points. It was really nice to be in the audience for a change. I’ve got to find more guest speakers for the future.

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