Folder Size Utility (Caution: Geek Warning)

I get way too excited over dumb stuff like this, but I just found this really neat little program that will add a column that tells you the size of the contents of folders, something that the folks at Microsoft seem to have overlooked. I’ve sometimes found it frustrating when I’m in Windows Explorer, where the size of individual files is clearly listed, but for folders there’s nothing. You have to right click on each one and go to “Properties” to get the information. A bit of a pain.

But, hey, with this little thing you can add a new column, “folder size,” that instantly tells you the size of folders. And it’s free and appears to be free of adware or other crap. Whenever I’m trying to clean up my hard drive, I’m always right clicking on folders to find out how big they are. I love this thing!

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