Last Weekend

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but it was a pretty busy weekend. Friday we had the Club Fantasy party and had our best turn-out yet. It usually starts out slow but by ten or eleven it’s usually humming along with quite a bit of play. At one point there were four scenes going on in the big room and later a friend pointed out that every single one of the girls tied up was Asian. I hadn’t even noticed till it was mentioned. I guess if you’re Asian and you go to Club Fantasy, you’re getting your ass tied up!

Then Saturday night at the last minute I ended up once again going out to the Lodge with my friend Kim for the very last night before the club shut down for good. The weekend before we’d done the same and saw many of the same people. This Saturday though seemed like just about any other and by 12:30 or so we’d had enough.

Then Sunday I shot some pictures with Delilah for her site and had a lot of fun. We again did some outdoor public bondage. Delilah modeled and I shot the pictures. Whenever we do that I always have a feeling of dread and fear before we start and then once we’re doing it I forget all about my anxieties and just click away. Afterwards it’s such a feeling of relief and we’re usually laughing our heads off.

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