Fun Rope Bondage Workshop

It’s been a busy few days here, and the monthly rope bondage workshop was just this afternoon. I had a really nice time with it. Last month I felt like my energy was off, but this one seemed to go pretty well and there was a lot of tying going on during the hands-on session.

Afterwards a bunch of us went to Twain’s again for dinner. It was equally nice but their air conditioner is really weak, and in the San Fernando Valley, AC is a must. (I was reading about temperatures of 119 yesterday in nearby Woodland Hills – freaky).

I usually dress when I do the workshop – just casual, jeans and a tight top – and often go out for dinner afterwards. I always notice the busboy there giving me the eye when I go, and it’s the same guy every time. I’m always tempted to nicely say, “I see you’re curious. Would you like to ask me any questions?”

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