Introducing TS Ashley Washington

A while back I heard from a very pretty TS girl named Ashley and of course we got to talking about taking some pictures. Ashley was a lot of fun to hang out with and looked fantastic as a cute damsel in distress. We shot in this strange hotel which I really like in the suburbs of L.A. The rooms were huge and have this unique red color scheme, as though they’re a portal to hell. In this scene Ashley was a hapless girl who has a little too much to drink at the bar and finds herself lashed down to the metal frame of a rollaway bed. Always be careful when you’re out drinking and never take drinks from a stranger, especially if you don’t see them being poured, or this could happen to you…which some of you might like. ;-) The full set is up on the site. Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Introducing TS Ashley Washington”

  1. Thanks, Frank – I agree, Ashley’s really cute! I think the shoes may be Pleaser brand but I’m not completely sure, think they’re 5″ heels…

  2. She looks great. Not too crazy about the fetish platforms but otherwise a very pretty damsel in distress. Nice catch Sandra!

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