Another Indiana Bondage Getaway

So later this week I’m heading back to Indiana for yet another bondage getaway, arranged by Donna Patricia Richardson and her friend Heather. I had so much fun at the last one, and they very generously reserved the secluded cabin in the back country where we’ll be tucked away. It should be a lot of fun with lots of bondage going on for several days. I’ll be leaving on Saturday and will be far from any major city so internet access will probably not be available for a few days. But I’ll post the set with Silvia Snow (preview below) and the video to go with it before I head to the airport. Hopefully we’ll have some nice new pictures to post here when I get back…Hope everyone’s having a good summer!

4 thoughts on “Another Indiana Bondage Getaway”

  1. Lucky! The pictures from the last retreat looked like a super fun time. I hope you can find some way to have an even better time.

    Here’s something to try: Tie a Hitachi vibrator in between the thighs with the head in the nether regions. Now tie a rope from the vibrator head, through the legs, to the hands behind the back. Every move of the hands will pull the vibrator deeper. :)

    Have fun and I can’t wait to see the pics!

  2. I must admit I’m a little envious about Donna’s parties. I hope I can make it over there one day. Meanwhile it’ll be fun to see what kinds of ties you ladies came up with.

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