Latex Sandra

Recently I got to shoot some latex pictures with my friend GreggW (Ravenswalk), who’s a skilled photographer of kinky things. It was super sexy wearing this dress, which came from Syren, but it’s quite a production just getting into the thing! I had to wait for Gregg to arrive to help with doing up the zipper in back and to assist in forcing everything into place – Wow, it’s not like slipping into a regular dress or blouse! But it felt incredible once I was in it, and the way the latex clings all over is amazing. I kept staring at my forearms in particular and the way they were so smooth and glossy.

We shot a lot of pictures with this outfit and did several progressively more strict bondage positions, including using these inescapable “Hamburg 8” cuffs and then later some rubber straps and finally a tight rope hogtie. I’d love to do more stuff like this but just wish the latex outfits weren’t so incredibly expensive. You can easily spend several hundred dollars just on one outfit (and way more if you want to!) It was a fun shoot, though, and I’m really looking forward to posting the first half of it in just a couple weeks. Here’s a little preview in the meantime…Hope you like!

14 thoughts on “Latex Sandra”

  1. Sandra,

    I hope you love that Syren latex because from the looks of it, honey, getting it on is only half as hard as getting it off.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    From the fetters to the gag to the shows to the shine, it’s looking to be an awesome photo set. You look like you’re in heaven. It’s nice to wear something that emboldens someone to just try to tie you as tight as you wear your dress.

    You made me recently crave a too-tight ivory satin blouse and a black skirt. I’m barely over hunting and gathering that outfit when you launch this one on an unsuspecting world.

    You’re an inspiration. Please let my comments go to your head and dare you to top your latex finery. You’re the best.

    Love and cinches,


  2. Sandra you looked so hot in that larex dress. Yes it is a shame latex is so expensive. Would love to wear more if I could afford it too. Thank you also for making a site for us gurls.
    Hobbled hihg heeled hugs

  3. Sandra, I ‘m glad you went through all the trouble to get into that dress because you look great in it! If we ever get you here to Minneapolis we’ll wrap you up in all kinds of latex ;-)

  4. mmmmmm Hott!!! Hott!!! I just want to tie and gag you stuff you in a trunk and bring you home *winks*

    Sandra you are totally awesome!!! No wonder why when money is tight I re join Trannies in Trouble before I join a GG bondage site :) Oh and yes please more latex ;) He He!!!!

  5. Black heels in one pic, red heels in another!
    Makes me wonder about all the different combinations of hose and heels that would go with this black latex number.
    – – – Tamara “Hooters” hose with black heels.
    – – – Black opaque shiny tights with non-black heels. Red! White! Purple! Pink!

    Maybe you can use that as a lesson or example for the gurls, how to use one item and get 10 different outfits out of it with combos of dress, hose, and heel colors.

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