Hottbonds Gift Certificate – Final Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

(Congratulations to Rafter for winning the giveaway and thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and support – you warm my heart! It’s been a lot of fun doing these giveaways and I’m looking forward to the years ahead with lots more to come!)

This is it! At the end of March it’ll be the ten-year anniversary of Trannies In Trouble – in case anyone here has missed the news! ;-) And to celebrate I’m giving away a $75 dollar gift certificate from one of my favorite online bondage stores, Hottbonds. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from them the last few years and it’s always very high-quality – and real nice people too!

So again it’s really easy to enter. If we haven’t worked together before on my website and if you haven’t won anything else here in the last six months, just leave a comment below with your email address. Then around March 23rd I’ll use to select a winner and email you for verification. Once I hear back I’ll email you the gift certificate code and you’re all set to go shopping for some new bondage gear. It’s that easy. Of course, just be sure that the gift certificate is something that you’d actually use and that it’s okay to receive packages at your address. They always arrive discreet and unmarked from Hottbonds.

It’s been a lot of fun doing these giveaways for the upcoming anniversary and I’m already looking ahead to new things on the horizon. Thanks again for all the comments and all your support over the years, and here’s to many more!

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