Anyone Know Who Drew These?

I’m sure quite a few readers here have seen these drawings before, as they’ve been re-posted on several sites and have been online for over ten years. Obviously they were drawn by a French artist, and although they’re very simple and unpolished, I’ve always thought that they were incredibly sexy and beautifully convey the helpless damsel in distress scenario. I also like the modest and overly feminine style of the dresses that the girls are wearing, with the high necklines and the bows in the hair, and the strange wrinkles in the fabric with the tight pinching ropes. I’ve found probably 35 of these drawings over the years, and I think they’re so good in their own unique way that if the artist had a few hundred of them, he or she could easily open their own website and get quite a following. Does anyone know who drew these and if they have a website or anything? I’d love to think that maybe there are lots more of these out there…

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    I can see what’s to love about these drawings. They are not “realistic” but it’s amazing that the artist is able to capture the essence of his subject as much or more than even a superb bondage photo can do. No disrespect, of course. You can actually feel the discomfort of the victim in a way that photos don’t always get.

    I would love for you to post these but with the english translation. They are classics.


  2. these remind me of the local artist in southern California, known as
    Reb H Heels. often published, in the 1960’s & 70’s in several publications
    such as “Reflections” ( Versatile Fashions, Ms. Antoinette in the OC)

    The last I heard of ms. Antoinette and versatile Fashoins of OC, is that
    she sold her business out, about Ten years ago. The persons who
    bought the business name, may still be selling items, but they
    modified the name of “Versatile Fashions” they specize in high end
    corsets mostly

    The artist “Reb H. Heels” has past away, several years ago.

  3. Thanks, Barbara – They were actually done by an unknown French artist, so I’m sure they weren’t done by Reb, whom I hung out with and shot with several times. He did have a large collection of bondage art though.

    Does anyone else have any clues as to who drew these terrific drawings?

  4. Hello Sandra

    I am the mysterious french “artist” who drew thoses drawings. My friend Gwendoline from Corse told to me you wanted to know if I got others drawings. I did not made much more but if you give to me your email adress, I will can to send you them.
    Thank you for yours nice compliments and sorry for my poor english.
    You can write to me at
    Best regards

    Catherine Nylon

  5. Bonjour, Catherine! What a delight to hear from you. I’m so glad that Gwendoline mentioned me to you. I’ll write you an email right away! I’m just so thrilled to hear from you!

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