Windows 7 to the Rescue for Your Porn Needs

I just upgraded to Windows 7 and it has the coolest little thing called the Snipping Tool. I’ve written here before about how Fetlife recently blocked the ability to right click and save pictures on their site. You could of course just look at the source code and find the link to the picture, copy it and enter it in a new browser window and you’re all set, but now those days are a faint memory! With the Snipping Tool you just click and drag a box around any image on your screen, enter a name for the file and the format to save it in and you’re done! And yeah, I know, if Fetlife or any other site has disabled the option to save pictures, then really you shouldn’t do this – yeah, honestly I don’t buy that. One of the main characteristics of the internet is sharing and linking to other stuff. If someone doesn’t want their images or videos saved the way to prevent that is not to post them. And heck, if one’s naughty pictures are going up on a free-wheelin’ site like Fetlife, well, come on…Thanks, Windows 7 – My bondage porn collection will continue to grow with even greater ease!

12 thoughts on “Windows 7 to the Rescue for Your Porn Needs”

  1. Sandra:

    I found the snipping tool by going into Windows help, and then clicking on the link there, but how do you activate it without doing that?


  2. Hi Dani,
    I found it by going down to the “orb” (formerly the Start Menu) on the lower left. You should be able to drag it out to your desktop to make a shortcut to it too, if you prefer that approach, though I kind of like the orb and have shortcuts to most of my programs there…Hope that helps…Sandra

  3. It’s called Grab on a Mac and has been a utility of the OS for a long time. Plus, years ago, Macs shipped with a basic copy of Snapz, which pretty much did the same thing.

  4. Thanks sweetie, I never noticed it and much easier then ScrPrt screen print button and then paste. Now how do we save flash? ;)

  5. There is another easiest way to do it, but you have to use google chrome instead of IE. When viewing a pic you right click and select “element inspection”. On the pane that will show underneath, the code of the page will appear. Just under the selected area is the path of the pic shown above. Right click and select “open in a new tab or a new window”. Then, in the new tab or window, you can right click and save.

  6. Ifran View is also great at capturing anything on the screen and can convert it to just about any file type.

  7. Thank you sooooo much for that!!!! I just bought a new Win7 laptop & I’ve been frustrated with the restrictions on fetlife for ages! My collection will be growing now too, thanks to you! xo

  8. Glad I could be of help! And yes, peter, I agree, the restrictions on Fetlife are very frustrating and I would say kind of ridiculous, but it’s such a good site in many other respects and with this tool our problems are solved! ;-)

  9. I’ve been using the Chrome hack above, but Firefox is actually a little easier if your concern might be having to do a lot of precise clicking while your other hand is busy. ;)

    1) Simply right-click anywhere on the page.
    2) Select “View Page Info”.
    3) Click the “Media” tab.
    4) Scroll down the list of image addresses in the top box until the image shows in the bottom box.
    5) Click the “Save As …” button.

    Something else to ponder though is that the address of the image is accessible to anyone on the Web without logging into Fetlife.

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