Out Running Around

I’ve been growing out my eyebrows for the last six weeks or so, so lately they’ve been looking like two hairy caterpillars, and when I’ve gone out dressed I’ve just been waxing them up with some chapstick to try to keep all the stragglers in check. This morning though I had a bunch of errands to run and finally got them waxed at a place downtown called appropriately, “Brows.” I was upfront when I called them and just let them know I was a crossdresser who does a lot of photography and the owner was very cool and did a nice job cleaning them up – always so nice to have something like that done and feel more put together.

Then I did a little shopping while out, first hitting Ross (no luck), a local thrift store (bought one top and a ladies suit coat that might work) and finally finishing at Burlington Coat Factory, which I like a lot. I found another top there that I’m hoping will fit and the biggest find was a bunch of new earrings, which were all marked down on clearance. I normally find shopping in the spring to be the worst time of year, as the spring fashions usually don’t do much for me; I much prefer fall and winter. But all in all I found a few possibilities. Also stopped by Home Depot to get some tape for a shoot that I hope to do this weekend – we shall see.

Club Fantasy June 3rd – I’ll be visiting in L.A. again later next week and am going to stay for the Friday, June 3rd, Club Fantasy party. I always love being there and seeing so many friends. If you’re in the area stop by and check it out. It’s a very laid back and relaxed time and there’s usually some good bondage going on :-) Hope to see you there!

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  1. Love your latest photoset. Chainguy did a wonderful job and seeing your touching yourself was a nice touch, pun intended. You always look fabulous.

  2. Being mostly trans but raised by drag queens, I’ve seen every conceivable brow squashing methods possible as these mostly gay boys wanted to turn back into as boyish a look as possible during the week. As an aside, the big difference between most performing drag queens and trans girls is that the”queens’ almost all state that “they can’t wait to take it off” while us “other” girls never want to “take it off” and in fact enjoy shaving and plucking. Oh and another difference…many queens suffer thru 3 pair of dance tights with something shiny on top just so they don’t have to shave their legs, but I digress…. The chapstick method is new but sounds like a simple solution. The main 2 ways the bushier girls used was first bring a candle and melt nose putty(theatrical stuff) and press it in with a spoon and the other method was pushing a simple glue stick firmly into the brows about 30 times. I, of course, just plucked and did a brow lift for that ever so popular “surprised look” ;)

  3. Do you deduct brow waxing as a business expense? The main test that (I think) the IRS uses is, would you wax your brows for everyday life or because you have to for your business? Now that I’m ‘old’, I’m exploring whether I can deduct cosmetic surgery…what do you think? There’s a famous case where a dancer deducted her implants when she convinced them that they were a burden in everyday life and not something she would do except for business.

    When I go into some sort of beauty business, If the subject comes up, I say I’m in a show and then almost without exception they want to know “what show”, whereupon I direct them to my vanilla drag show site left over from my drag show days. All lies…it’s all to look good in bondage media ;)

  4. OK here’s a stupid question but what would you say is the ambient temperature at Club Fantasy? Unless I put ice in my panties and bra I practically faint above 75 – 80. I do want to attend one but need to design my outfit accordingly. Any suggustions on staying cool?
    gagged kisses

  5. Hi Babette,
    Yes, I’ll probably use the brow waxing as a deduction, and if I were doing any plastic surgery I’d probably use that also. If you were to get audited, it might not fly, but I think you can certainly make a good argument that those things are business expenses.

    And, well, I’d say Club Fantasy is usually around 70 degrees, I would guess, maybe even a little colder in the summer when everyone is especially aware of the heat. The air conditioner at the facility works quite well.

  6. On a related note I am trying a new keeping cool method where I put my all silicone boobs in the fridge for a few hours before going into girly action. Then the cool boobs can fight it out with the hot wig and I’m working on the wig next. Oh and writing question…if I store my boobs in the fridge next to the milk, is that ironic, or just stupid?

    On an unrelated note, do you get many requests for vinyl rainwear and those plastic accordian style scarfs? I love your retro hot housewife in a scarf look !!

  7. Thanks so much, Babette! I do get some requests for vinyl rainwear and hope to order something when I get back after my next trip to California. I do love the look of rainwear myself and would love to shoot some new pics in that style…

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