Oh Glory Be!

I’ve been having this weird bug in the paysite at Ts in Trouble, where some of the video links wouldn’t highlight for certain Internet Explorer users. I was pretty sure that it was only happening in IE7, but I’ve been running IE6 and didn’t really want to “upgrade” to 7, which apparently behaves even wackier than ever.

But I really wanted to know what’s causing the bug. And I couldn’t really do it, at least not in a very efficient manner, without testing the site in IE7. So I researched how to install IE7 and then how to uninstall it and go back to IE6, which is actually supposed to be fairly easy to do. (We shall see.)

Okay, I took the plunge and upgraded to IE7 (boy, this is an exciting post, isn’t it?) And after an hour or so of farting around I finally tracked it down: a css issue where adding an extra div around the navigation links at the bottom and a couple extra lines in the style sheet made everything once again work like it was supposed to. Such a fussy little thing to fix and it only seemed to act weird in IE7. IE6 behaved fine, as did Firefox and Opera.

What a relief though to have finally figured it out. Tomorrow’s Club Fantasy will be even happier than normal for me!

Now if I can just uninstall IE7 tomorrow and go back to 6. Sleepy time now.

2 thoughts on “Oh Glory Be!”

  1. You would think by now that Microsoft would understand that open standards are a good thing, and trying to muck things up with their own just pisses people off. And that not everyone wants to use .net or their other stupid programming tricks…

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