My Internet Connection – Gone!

Well, every couple years the squirrels here eat through the phone lines and the internet goes kaput! So I’m using my neighbor’s laptop to upload this week’s update on the site, but I won’t be able to check email much at all till Monday, most likely. Again, I apologize to everyone whom I already owed an email to – it’s only going to get worse.

But hey, the next Club Fantasy party is coming up in about a week (Friday, April 17th)! I’m looking forward to it. We’ve had some pretty good turnouts the last few months and I’ll be bringing my bag of rope, as usual. Hope to see all the regulars and some new friends too!

4 thoughts on “My Internet Connection – Gone!”

  1. Are there “Screwy Squirrels” around your house … ? (do you know this funny cartoon character of Tex Avery …? I love it. Here in France, he is named “l’├ęcureuil fou”.)

    I forgot to congratulate you for your last loving pictures . ;-)
    Espacially always love your stockings and the way you wear them. (Ooops …! you din’t wear them on your last pictures …)


  2. Hi Paddy,
    It turns out it was just a bad modem – no squirrels this time ;-) It’s nice to be back online – I felt so out of touch!

    So glad you enjoyed the last pics…Hugs, Sandra

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