White Lingerie Shoot

I had a really fun shoot the other day and did some shots posing around and then applying my lipstick while cuffed and ballgagged. Here are a couple preview shots. As the set progresses I get tied with hemp rope and then finally have a pantyhose hood added, with electrical tape wrapped around my mouth. It was a very sexy feeling wearing this tight white structured girdle and longline bra and then being strictly bound and gagged. I’ll post the full set for this week’s update.

6 thoughts on “White Lingerie Shoot”

  1. Yes, that’s me – virginal and pure as the driven snow.

    Which reminds me, I think Mae West once said, “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”

  2. Hi Sandra,

    your white foundation fits you so well, and I love your pantyhose hood (I know how it feels good to wear it). Very exciting !!!

  3. Great photos, Sanda. You look awesome in white. … Grr — wish i were as slim as you. (ok, forgive … that was the jealous Jenna, who rears her ugly head from time to time) … Seriously, I can never figure out how you manage to keep your makeup looking so good, gags and all. … Hope you’re well, Sandra. Have a great weekend! … P.S. I’ve got some new photos on my URL (please be nice).

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