Photos By Mr. K.

On this week’s update on Ts in Trouble I posted a few pictures posing with a favorite bondage magazine from many years ago. Later I emailed my good friend Mr. K. on the east coast and verified that he had shot many of the pictures in the magazine, including all of those visible in these two Ts in Trouble pictures. He shot many bondage magazines back in the day and this magazine was one of my favorites that I bought in the late 80s. It’s gotten pretty dog-eared over the years but it’s one of the few magazines that I’ve made a point to hold onto. Nice work, Mr. K!

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  1. Hi PF – It was a great one, I agree. Along with Mr. K’s photos there was also a nice gallery with some classic John Willie photos, and a really sexy story of a hot MILF tied up by her daughter’s sorority sisters (if I recall right) with nice Alazar illustrations. It was one of those magazines that really stood out.

  2. Hey Sandra!!!

    He He!!! Mr K does wonderful work I had the pleasure of meeting him and working with him & Andre TheToonMan and the pics are posted at my Flickr page with some video as well. Unfortunately we were only able to get together once, maybe he will make the trip again.

    As far as the HCI mag goes I think I have most of them as well as thousands of others Lol!!! Like Harmony, House of Milan, TAO, Lyndon, and many others and yes you are right about the drawings being the work of Alazar :>)


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