That Blue Skirt from Hottbonds

When I was at Thunder in the Mountains I got a couple tight shiny skirts from my friends at Hottbonds, and I just love how they look. They’re so tight that they’re almost like a hobble skirt (and they do have a longer version), holding one’s thighs in close together. I shot some pictures with the blue skirt a few weeks ago and I’ll have the full set up for this week’s update on Friday, where I end up tied up in a closet with my elbows tied off to the clothes bar behind me. In the meantime these are a few “extras” from that upcoming set…

9 thoughts on “That Blue Skirt from Hottbonds”

  1. Outstanding, superb and amazing. Can’t wait until the set arrives. Blue skirt is fantastic and I bet you would look even hotter in the longer hobble skirt.

  2. Can I just congratulate you on an amazing website. It’s great that I can see like minded girls involved in damsel in distress situations.

    Sandra you always look wonderful but so much more erotic (and helpless) when bound.

    Amazing legs and I wish mine were half as good, any tips?

    Keep up the fine work :-)

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