Back to Denver

I had a delightful time in L.A. and hope to be back in the springtime, if not before. I had several photoshoots and even shot with two cute new girls, Nina and Kaitlynn, who’ll be appearing on the site in the weeks ahead. Last night I went to the Threshold Munch and had a really nice time dining with friends from the club. It’s funny, now that I no longer live in L.A. I sure do appreciate it a lot more, though the place can still be a hassle at times. I could almost picture living here again someday though it’s really the kind of big city where you’d want to be making a six figure income to really make it work. All in all though the visit was a total success and far more enjoyable than I expected. My friend has a pleasant house in the Valley in a good neighborhood, which made it very comfortable and easy. I tend to spend most of my time in the San Fernando Valley, where the clubs I like are located, and although some parts of the Valley can be pretty tired and sketchy it’s generally a bit nicer than where I used to live in L.A. proper.

So I’m just hanging out at the airport, and when I get home it’s back to the computer and editing some new pictures and videos, and a real winter coming up just around the corner.

5 thoughts on “Back to Denver”

  1. if kaitlynn is the same kaitlynn that played with donna richardson, i am glad to hear that you have gotten your ropes on her.

    i like her look and, of course, i’m a fan of yours so the two of you together should be a treat!

  2. Hi Kate,
    It is indeed the same Kaitlynn – we had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to editing the pics and video in the next few weeks! Nice girl!

  3. Yes I also have become a big fan of Kaitlynn glad the two of you have met you two hogtied side by side would be a great picture

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