In Atlanta

I had a nice flight on Delta to Atlanta the other day and am just having a nice time visiting with my parents here. Thankfully I didn’t have any of the airport woes that are afflicting the east coast. Hope everyone’s having a nice end of the year these last few days!

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  1. I hope they perfect it. Whats your opinion? If its true,do you think America is ready for it? The way the article sounds is its basically streamlining GRS. If it does become standard(which if it is true,im sure it will if it DOES work,but that will probably take years of testing..) I wonder how pricey itd be lol i wonder if itll get to the point where alot more people will realize we are not stuck in a single gender as much as we thought.. Maybe a lot more “men” like us will step forward and be willing to go threw with it seeing as its not as complicated,but really im just making it sound like its a magical button inside our body that turns us all into barbies. When in reality the changes are probably very subtle. But dramatic. If it lessens the Testoronoenoeneo or however its spelled(because all they said was that they tested in on female mice who knows the effect on the male mice),i wonder if body hair will slowly decline? Is it even real? If so maybe its the answer to mine,and so many others problems..happy new year.

  2. It would be an amazing thing if they could actually make a GRS technique with gene therapy, though yes, like you say, I suspect it could only do so much once you’re the age that many of us are at – that testosterone is powerful stuff and really leaves its mark on the bod!

  3. We should really communicate via email i really need someone to talk to now and a again that understands how i feel. I bet you have a lot of stories ! ;) and you could give me guidance,yes i really am that lonely. lol

  4. I get really swamped with email, so I’m sometimes slow at replying but feel free to write me directly! My email address is on the “Contact” link at Trannies In…

    Oh, and yes, I had mixed results with laser – it thinned out some of the growth but was never going to really clear everything, but results may vary as they say…

  5. Well i did some research and apparently the more you do it the more likely itll clear up completely or something im probably wrong;). someone on a trans forum said it took them 12 trips to clear up a majority of the body hair. but id just want it to become lighter and easier to manage

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