Okay, not to be political or anything, but lately I’ve found myself occasionally thinking about those scary Supermax Prisons. I’ll be outside enjoying life and think about those poor bastards locked up and wonder what it must be like. I would go completely insane. Now, I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s crimes. Obviously, a lot of these guys have done some really awful things to be there. But the whole concept gives me the chills – the idea of being locked up 23 hours a day in isolation, constantly monitored and given minimal physical and mental stimulation.

There was a good article on these places in the L.A. Times last month when Moussaoui (apparently the world’s most incompetent and annoying terrorist) was being sentenced.

I have to imagine that if by some horrible twist of fate, I ended up in one of these places, I would be completely psychotic within six months and would probably make multiple suicide attempts. I don’t know how a person could stand the treatment. I know if I’m inside for a couple days and away from people I’ll start feeling depressed and unhappy and a little bit out of touch mentally. And I have a TV and radio and music and a back patio where I can hang out and Chinese and Mexican food at the corner if I’m so inclined. The idea of that kind of isolation scares the crap out of me, and I forget sometimes what a joy it is to just be able to go wherever you want to go.

2 thoughts on “Supermax”

  1. So funny you mention Supermax prisons (it sounds like a grocery store or something doesn’t it?). Anyway, I too was very intrigued and checked more about them on Wikipedia. I would be done in a matter of weeks. Can you imagine?

  2. To be locked away is the worst punishment, even worse if you are innocent. the sad thing is it does not make a person better for being locked away, if anything worse.
    You are right freedom is a very importent to be able t get up in the moring and see the sky and walk by the sea, we take it for granted

    You did not mention French cooking! i will have to tell you about the south of France and it’s wonderful cooking

    Regards DC

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