Tie, Tie, and More Tie

It was a fun weekend. Yesterday I shot more pictures with Bettie Cho, who’s so petite and can take some really strenuous poses. We shot for about three hours and then we decided to go out to the Threshold Party in N. Hollywood. They even had food there – Chicken! I was starved, so after a little break we did, well, more bondage.

All the private rooms were filled, so we grabbed a couch in the front room and I tied Bettie up a few times. I’m really not that much into Japanese bondage, but I recently got a book called “Shibari You Can Use” that’s really good. So I tried out some of the ties I saw in there. Sometimes overly complicated bondage can leave me a little cold – I tend to like good ol’ damsel in distress ties with white clothesline and duct tape – but for a party environment, trying something new can be fun and a good challenge. I used a ton of rope on Bettie and we were definitely in the mode of what I sometimes teasingly call “art bondage”: Those ties that are so complicated that the main point seems to be to say, “Hey, look what I can do!” Well, yeah, I’ll cop to it: I’m a total show-off and exhibitionist. I think I also secretly worry that during one of the monthly bondage workshops that someone who knows way more than I do will show up and say, “Hey, you don’t know crap!”

Anyway, it was getting late and I was beat by the end of the evening as we drove back down the 101. I love L.A. traffic when it’s late and not so heavy, and you drive along and wonder where everyone’s going.

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