Off to Colorado

I’m sitting in the Burbank airport listening to the 80s Muzak that they always play here and waiting on a flight to Denver for a few days back in Colorado. It’ll be interesting being back there again, seeing some family and friends and hopefully doing my yearly hike up Pikes Peak on Thursday (the weather’s looking like rain, however). I still miss Colorado and sometimes wish I could live there again, but L.A.’s really better for running my website and for “the scene” in general. Like I’ve said many times, I love Los Angeles but it can be a royal pain to live here. Colorado, on the other hand – hardly any stress at all. So it’s a trade-off as so many things in life are.

2 thoughts on “Off to Colorado”

  1. It was great seeing you, AmberKatt! Will talk again soon…Having a nice visit down in Colorado Springs. My hiking buddy was getting headaches from the altitude on Pikes Peak so we didn’t make the summit but still had a beautiful day!

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